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Ok, I like this cover, but the content itself bothers me in relation to the issue. Cecilia's arm doesn't turn all robotic until the very end of the issue, it's actually the final page cliffhanger. So this issue implies we're going to be dealing with a lot of drama on her part for this arm, but really that plot point barely exists in this issue.

I was surprised that this issue jumped focus from Mohammed to Cecilia, I thought Mo was our outsider to follow into the group for this whole first arc, but apparently this series is taking the Avengers Arena approach and giving us the full pesrpective on everything one character at a time so it'll have fleshed out everyone fully by the time we wrap up the first arc. And after Commodore was so confident with his suit, it's entertaining to see Cecilia with a complete lack of control over hers. The variety of personalities is shining more in this issue, and the characters are still showing a lot of promise. I'm especially invested in the sort of odd 'love triangle' going on between Cecilia, Commodore, and J.P. It was pretty obvious to me that there was something between Cecilia and J.P. throughout this entire issue, but Cecilia's inner monologue kept talking about Cmmodore as her boyfriend. The end of the issue gets around to answering that confusion and setting up some interesting and very unique romantic tension for the future.

While the first issue was lacking in much serious plot development, more character setup, this issue has so much happening all over the place it almost loses itself in the chaos. I was completely engrossed in the first issue, but something felt a little flat and impersonal about this issue. There was still plenty of great dialogue, great characters, great action, nice flow; but something's missing. Some kind of centralized focus is missing despite the plot beginning to move. Things are just a bit too spread out.

In Conclusion: 3.5/5

I was all set to love this issue as the big setting out after so much setup at the beginning, but the plot kind of flew off the handle in every direction like fireworks. There's still a lot of the same good, but it needs to get wrangled back together for the beginning of this series to work. Stuff happened but I don't feel like it really went a whole lot of anywhere yet.


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