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Green Hornet Movie Lacks Sting 0

Based off the classic radio drama, 60s TV show, and 70 years of comic book iterations, the Green Hornet movie looks to bring this classic character to a new generation of fans. Britt Reid (Seth Rogen) is living a life of debauchery at his father’s expense, a well-respected newsman and owner of the Sentinel newspaper, when his father’s unlikely demise leaves Britt as the sole inheritor of the family fortune and newspaper legacy. Having wasted most of his life, Britt relies on the people around hi...

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My Reaction: Stunned 0

  Today, at about 12:20pm, I went to my local mall to see the first showing of the GREEN HORNET with my friend and fellow CV User, Loki a.k.a. DemonicBlade. After nearly two hours of slapstick humor and insane special effects, I have developed mixed feelings about this long awaited film. There were moments were I laughed and then their were moments where I thought it was pointless. I kinda like the fact that there were many references from the Hornet's past, mostly from the fabled 1960's TV Show...

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Stinging Success?? 0

First and most important you have to take this movie for what it is not your typical hero movie.  I have not read any green hornet or seen any of it's shows.  That being said from what I have heard and read about this movie it departs from the original representation of this character.  Testing out the gadgetsThe Good This movie is funny!  Seth Rogen as the lead and Cameron Diaz as a supporting actress provide plenty of laugh out loud moments.  One doesn't have to worry about all the funny momen...

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Fun but has nothing to do with the source material 0

 I'll admit at first I thought this movie was going to suck but after seeing I quickly changed my mind and realized The Green Hornet rocked, though it's not as good as the TV show it still rocks.I usually don't like stories because they tend to slow the movie down but it really didn't seem to affect the movie's pace. At first I thought that the comedy was going to ruin the movie but instead it almost helped the movie because it really gave the characters some depth.This is actually the first Set...

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Great film 0

WARNING SPOILERS!    I haven't read the comics or seen the shows so I don't know if the film was a good adaptation. But as a stand alone film I thought it was very good. The film is kind of a mix between Iron Man and the Dark Knight. Although there is a strong comedic element to the film there are a fair amount of action moments (Especially towards the end). Kato was probably the best character in the film. He does nearly all of the fighting in the fight scenes and Jay Chou does a good job in th...

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Green Hornet Movie Review 0

       So I'm no Green Hornet expert. Just putting that out there. I mean, I never even knew that Bruce Lee did any of the TV shows. Heck, I didn't know there had ever been any comics or serials or anything of the character. A few months ago though, something changed. My grandma sent me a copy of Green Hornet Year One for halloween (I guess she figured I hadn't read it?). So I read it, and the concept worked for me. Maybe it was the simpler era, maybe it was the simpler world, but something abou...

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What IS it? 0

The new Green Hornet film is quite similar to the Frankenstein monster.  Apart from the green motif that both possess, the two share a similar haphazard and patch-worked design.  Where the poor creature in Mary Shelley's famous novel was sewn together with the dead remnants of human corpses, The Green Hornet is similarly composed of the rudimentary tropes of several different film genres.  Is it a comedy?  Is it an action film?  Is it an action comedy?  A buddy cop movie?  Unfortunately, it does...

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The Kato Show (How did I manage to get this title writing 8th?) 0

With all the mixed reviews on this movie that us as a community has written I have decided to add my 2 cents.  The short review is that this is a fun movie.  Don't expect your life to change after it, its the Green Hornet.  Go in expecting a fun ride and you'll be happy.  Go in expecting Inception, then that is just expecting Twilight being Stephen King.  *The longer part to the review* I'll be honest with you, I was thinking this movie was going to be bad.  It was actually very enjoyable. There...

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Green Hornet Movie Review 0

Today after so many months I watched the Green Hornet movie.I have very mixed feelings about this movie.I don't quite know much about the hero called Green Hornet.I have read only one issue of the newest series.This movis was full with humor and action.The action scenes were done so good.There was so muc humor in this but there were some moments that they were so awful in this movie.All of the action was done by Kato.I didn't like Seth Rogen's play as Green Hrnet because he was like a kid who re...

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