Say Hello to the Black Beauty, the Green Hornet's Car

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 It even seems like the Black Beauty's the star of this movie.

Oh yes… I remember this car and its big guns. A few months back, the GREEN HORNET crew was filming a chase scene on the street right outside my apartment. I didn’t get to see too much of what was going on, but I do remember getting woken up in the wee hours of the morning by some very loud machinegun fire.  

Since I didn't get a good look at the thing while it was blazing through rounds outside my window, I suppose I appreciate this video feature Latino Review’s found on another level. Not only do they show some behind-the-scenes video of the chase footage (some looking like it was done right around my apartment,) they’ve also got heaps and heaps of details on the car’s specs and armaments.  

I wouldn’t be surprised if they had Colt .45 locked into the cigar lighter considering how they’ve got firearms coming out of basically every other corner of this thing.  

Why don’t you check out the? 3D glasses aren’t required…  == TEASER ==

It might not be as cutting-edge high-tech as the Batmobile, but it's probably a lot more fun for that....

GREEN HORNET isn’t coming out until January and, I've seen this decked-out beauty at San Diego and New York's Comic Cons, it’s been on something of a stealth run when it comes to promotion. Considering that, I wonder how you Comic Vine maniacs feel about the movie. Are you looking forward to it? Have you even been thinking about it? I was a little leery about the prospect initially (I never got into the show with Bruce Lee) but I’ve been digging the comics that Dynamite’s been doing and I have faith that Michel Gondry’s got more than a few tricks up his sleeve to make this more than your average superhero flick. 

But do you maniacs concur?

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Love the car and I hope the movie is just as good!

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The Green Hornet comics are great and there are probably a lot of people missing out on them. I'm not reading the movie prequel comic Parallel Lives though.


Had low expectations for the GH film but after seeing the trailer I'm really looking forward to it now.


Also, Black Beauty > Batmobile (especially the Bathummer or whatever that was)

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sweet looking car. the front has been changed. the original car front doesn't look the same.

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looks good

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Looking forward to this movie I hope it's good.
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More Green Hornet news!
Can't wait for it!
I loved the original tv show back then and the current Dynamite comics' been great so far. :)

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Can't wait! W00t!

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I am so ready for this movie :)

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I love this car!!  I actually like it a little better than the Batmobile (which I also love) because it's more ominous and mysterious.


Not crazy about the choice of actors, though.  The car might end up being the best part of the movie.



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Very classic!

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