Nicolas Cage Won't Be The Villain In The Green Hornet

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Filming started last week on The Green Hornet.  Babs reported back in July that Nicolas Cage was set to play the villain, a role he rarely portrays, in the movie.  Now it turns out, the film is searching for a bad guy.  Heat Vision (The Hollywood Reporter's blog) posted yesterday that Cage has dropped out.  The reason given was that Cage and the studio couldn't agree on terms for the role.
Columbia wouldn't give an official comment over this.  Reports are that the studio is now on the search for a villain.  Even though filming has begun late last week, no scenes with Cage were shot.
Is this a good thing or a bad thing?  I know most people are having serious doubts over this movie.  Would Cage have added credibility or made things worse.  It seems, when it comes to Nicolas Cage, that people either like him or don't take him seriously.  As mentioned, Cage pretty much doesn't play the villain.  Perhaps his decision to leave the movie could open the door for another actor to jump into the role.
What are your thoughts?  Do you think Cage would have made a good bad guy?  Do you think this is a good outcome or bad for the fate of the movie?  How fast do you think the studio can find a new bad guy?
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all i have to say baout this is good less nic cage is always a good thing

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I don't have anything personal against Cage, but his presence isn't really a helping hand these days in any or most movies he's been in or considered doing.
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I agree with both lazystudent and LubeMan, Nick Cage's career lately hasn't been with the greatest of movies, and him in another comicbook movie after the fiasco that was "Ghost Rider" makes me breathe a sigh of relief, I mean I liked him in Face Off, Gone in 60 Seconds and Con-Air, but honestly, Nick needs to head back to the drawing board, I will give him props for stepping down before making this movie and not feeling the character at all, but outside of that, Any Suggestions for the villian, I'll put Johnny Depp out there, he's become somewhat of a box office whore the last few years, then again, What's Christian Slater doing these days?
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"Perhaps his decision to leave the movie could open the door for another actor to jump into the role." Of course it does. 
This is one of his better choices.      
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Yeah, this is one of those times where Nic Cage's absence may not be that big of a deal in terms of the movie itself but its possible its a signal that his decision not to get involved (money?) MAY be a portent of sorts.  Maybe, hard to say. 
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*Fist pumps* Good! One less comic book adaption for Cage to completely turn into a laughing stock (see: "Ghost Rider")! 
Now the cast can move-on and find someone TALENTED to play the antagonist. I was wondering just what the hell Rogen was thinking, anyway...Normally Cage is the type of actor he and his make fun of...

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You'd think with filming already started, they might of wanted to have a villain for the hero to battle against. At least know who you have cast so you can write for that actor. This is making this Green Hornet movie look worse and worse.
Well, I'm waiting for the next National Treasure movie.

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Cage has been sorta hit or miss - mostly  miss lately. The  National Treasure movies were pretty good, but usually every  other movie he's done has sucked. He really needs to make better choices. But then, I guess the guy that did Ghost Rider did  Daredevil, too, so somebody else needs to make better choices, too. Green Hornet has the potential to be another  Iron Man or another Spirit.    
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"The reason given was that Cage and the studio couldn't agree on terms for the role. " 
translation... he couldnt make the character like he wanted. ala ghost rider.this is part of the problem with holllyweird doing comic movies/books. every one has to put their finger print on the picture .one of the resons from hell was the way it was an league of etrodinary gentlemen ( ya spelling sucks worse today im sick). 
actors it seems dont want to be actors they want to be character reinvitors .then take credit for what popularity the film would have.but never take any blame for their tweeks to characters.

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@AirDave817: Well, saying it will either be the next suprise, box-office smash or a complete and total failure is kinda vague. ;) I'm going to say it'll probably fall into doing as good as the other Seth Rogen films, because the guy has a huge built-in audience that flock to see him wherever he goes. 
...I'm one of them...("Freaks And Geeks", man...)
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Sh!t, I wanted to see him to play the villain.

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He might've worked as Green Hornet, in place of Seth Rogen. Now, we may never know. 

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Im kind of glad he dropped this role... 
No offense to him/his fans but i always found him quite boring... -.-

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They just lost $$$$. Hard core Comic Geeks may not like him, but for a lot of people they see Cage and they go ee the movie. Tons of us grew up with The Rock, Con Air and all the other awesome films he's made. I know I've seen his last 4 movies on the big screen after they've been out a week or so and they were pretty full. People here may not be huge fans anymore, but no one can deny he's still a bigger start then anyone else in the film.

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The more bad news I hear about this movie the happier I get.

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i am really not looking forward to this, Seth rogan as the Green Hornet GAH this is going to either BOMB or do good because people will watch anything nowadays

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good choice

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Vague and ambivalent. I was impressed by Michael Keaton's Batman more than his Bruce Wayne. I wouldn't have thought Robert Downey, Jr. could pull off either Iron Man or Tony Stark - kudos to him and Favreau. Daredevil and Ghost Rider were sunk by both the actor and the director - and the director was a fanboy!! Go figure...
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he did worse things to ghost rider than his villains are capable of so why cant he be a bad guy

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