New Green Hornet T.V Show

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It has been quite a while since the Green Hornet T.V Show with Bruce Lee and Van Williams. (If you haven't picked up any of the Dynamite Comics Green Hornet Comics, I recommended them, they are pretty darn good.) Recently, Walking Dead got a show that has gotten pretty good reviews, and also on the way is a Powers T. V Show. Is it time for a Green Hornet Show? With the movie that came out recently, maybe trying to present the Hornet as a series crime show will help the character out a lot. We have seen a s#@$ load of CSI's, numerous crime solving comedies, and a few creepy, magical crime shows. Green Hornet could bring something different to the table, especially if the mobster good guy angle is used correctly.

What do you think? What would you do for the show? Who would you cast?

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@Kairan1979: agreed, keep him away from all superheroes movies...I'm not even sure how he managed to get the movie together

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It would be awesome if a good Green Hornet TV show was made

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