Its time everyone admitted the hornet is the side kick

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Seriously Kato is the real hero even in the old show Kato built the car, drove it and kicked ass while green hornet got all the credit. What the hell people?

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any thoughts

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But it's all the Hornet's plans and money. 

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Labels, labels...why must everything be labeled? 
In the traditional superhero partner relationship, yes, Green Hornet would be the sidekick. Kato kicks all the faces, drives the vehicle and is all-around more functional.

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@jloneblackheart: But without Kato his money and plans would be pointless cause Kato is the guy who actually knows how to do anything
#6 Posted by jloneblackheart (6007 posts) - - Show Bio

Well, Kato did teach him how to fight (if we are talking about Britt), and he can hold his own. He's no Kato, but he can kick some ass. Without the Green Hornet, Kato is a guy with no asses to kick. It's Britt's political connections and knowledge from running the Sentinel that gives him the scoops to know where the crime is.  
They are an awesome team and need each other. The only reason I think people even consider Kato a sidekick is because he is Britt's servant, since Kato agreed to be for saving his life as repayment. Not to mention how the TV show had to portray the 'Chinaman.'  
Britt and Kato truly are great friends and I don't believe Reid believes that Kato is a sidekick. He's a partner. 

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I don't see the Green Hornet as the sidekick at all.  Kato may be a fighting machine, but  Britt Reid is the brains.  Whenever the two of them got stuck in a jam, it was Britt that came up with the solution for how to get out of it. And he directed all their crime-fighting operations. 
In the  new movie (which I haven't seen yet) it sounds like the GH acts more like the sidekick.  But on the TV series, I found Britt very much the strategist.   

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Green Hornet is far from the sidekick, much like Kato. The two are partners in fighting crime, Britt the financial and strategic backing while Kato is the brawn, yet Hornet does hold his own in fights. If you're going to use the TV show as a point to show Kato is the real hero and GH is the sidekick you're out of your mind, if you have an actor like Bruce Lee of course you're going to feature him in the fights. Also Hornet was the crime boss and the boss usually doesn't get his hands dirty.

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I think they're both partners, and it's actually pretty original, since the GH and Kato need each other for their whole operation to work. Without one of them the other would be left powerless, and it is sort of symbiotic if you think about it.

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nope it's how the media and society decide who is the hero and the side kick, and they both say that Green Hornet is the Hero and Kato is the side kick (he doesn't even have a cool superhero name)

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@hydrabob: He wants people to know who kicked their @$$.
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@batmanary:  i know
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Because Kato knows people shoot the hero before the sidekick?

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@TheCrowbar: Well, the cops ain't exactly billing Kato.
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Green Hornet is waaaaaaaaaaaay too boss to be a sidekick. It has to do with personality, and Hornet is definitley not the sidekick personality.

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If we were talking about the movie with Seth Rogen, this would be one hundred percent true. But in the comics Britt Reid and Britt Reid Jr. Both know how to fight and pretty well to. I always see Britt Jr. and Mulan as more of an equal partnership rather than a Hero/sidekick team.

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