Green Hornet Villain: Christoph Waltz

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  As you may already know, Michel Gondry's ' Green Hornet' film is well underway, and with the unexpected loss of Nicholas Cage last week, it seemed as though the film had hit yet another bump in the Hollywood road. Fear not Gondry/Rogen fans, we have a villain! It was announced earlier today that Christoph Waltz of 'Inglorious Basterds' fame would take on the role as the primary evil-doer in the upcoming film, according to Deadline Hollywood. 
Waltz who is supposedly a shoe in at this year's Oscars, recently won a Cannes film festival award for best actor and by signing onto 'Green Hornet,' he seems to be taking his career in an interesting direction. (I just realized how much of a wet blanket I am when it comes to any news on this movie) What do you guys think? Did you see 'Inglorious Basterds'? Do you think that Waltz is an upgrade from Nicholas Cage?
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I think he would make a good villain in the movie,but I feel sad that Nicoles Cage is not in it.
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This is the only thing that's good coming out of this crap version of the Green Hornet. I feel bad he's even in this movie wasting his time with this movie.
Cause this man was superb as Landa in Inglorious Basterds,
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Mr. Waltz stole the show in Inglorious Basterds, hands down.  Great movie indeed.  Saddens me though to have him attached to this upcoming disaster.

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I think this definitely sounds like an upgrade from seeing Nic Cage's awful hair plugs. Can anyone who saw Inglourious Basterds vouch for this guy?

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Thats a BINGO!

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I actually think he'd make an interesting choice for Green Hornet himself.

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@Incredible Hulk-Prime said:
"I think he would make a good villain in the movie,but I feel sad that Nicoles Cage is not in it. "
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@Bobby X:

Oh yeah, he was absolutely incredible in Inglorious Basterds.  Calm and friendly towards who ever he was talking to, yet insanely creepy all at the same time because you know in all likely hood where the scenes are heading because you can see his mind at work the whole time, awesome, awesome, awesome performance, the whole movie was great but he definietely stole the show.  In my mind he's a huge step up from Cage.
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He made Inglorious Bastards.  Such an amazing performance.  Absolutely my favorite character of the film.

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@Tyler Starke said:
" Thats a BINGO! "
Haha, great line in the movie.
I think this is a VERY cool choice for the villain. After I saw Basterds I walked out and told my friends "God, I really hated that fu****"!" and that's rare in a movie, for an actor to so fully become villainous that you truly hate the man. Impressive work. The only other time I felt that, interestingly enough, was with Ralph Fiennes character in Schindler's List. I look forward to how Waltz handles this character. Who is the villain going to be, anyway? Any one from the comics?
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They made the right decision. He was surprisingly excellent in Inglorious Basterds.

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He looks evil so I'll go with him.
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Seeing how Inglorious Bastards just came out. This strikes me as some patchwork deal that was thrown together on some red carpet or after party.
I am just amazed that they started filming this movie without even having a solid villain.

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They could resurrect the dead corpse of Lawrence Olivier to play the villain,  and include 20 minutes worth of topless women jumping on trampolines in this movie and it would still be a turdfest.   
Wet blanket, don't worry, Babs, I'm a wet Duvet.    This is  going to suck and suck cow manure through a straw.
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Definite 1000% upgrade.  His portrayal of Col. Landa was amazing.

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He did such a fine job in Inglorious Bastards, he's a stronger choice than Cage.

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He was absolutely brilliant in Basterds. Just perfect. Cannot wait to see him in anything new he does.

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