GREEN HORNET Movie in January, in 3D

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Now, picture this... in 3D.

The Black Beauty's pulling over for a tune-up.  Deadline’s just run a story announcing that the GREEN HORNET movie’s release date has been pushed back from Christmas weekend to Martin Luther King Day weekend. This is partly to - - you guessed it - - re-render the movie into 3D. The other “part” is pretty smart on Sony’s part. They’re moving it to January because December’s already packed with big flicks like TRON: LEGACY, the next (final?) HARRY POTTER movie, the YOGI BEAR movie, CHRONICLES OF NARNIA: VOYAGE OF THE DAWN TREADER and GULLIVER’S TRAVELS - - all of which are supposed to roll out in three dimensions.

I don’t pretend to be much of industry analyst or even that much of a bean counter, but I don’t think this is necessarily a sign of Sony “dumping” the movie into January. It seems like every year, now, you get a TAKEN or a PAUL BLART: MALL COP or a BOOK OF ELI, that perform better in January than people expected them to; it was only a matter of time before studios reevaluated that month. I’ve heard about GREEN HORNET opening on the same day as TRON for a while, which I figured would cut into both movies’ grosses, so I knew something had to give. It’s funny how movie line-ups often roll out like (or because of?) the economic market - - that is, I recall last Christmas season seeming to have a lot less big movies to watch while this coming one seems already packed with them.

You know, all this talk of market forces and demographics is running a little dry for me. I think it’s time for a battle thread, and I’m not just talking one-on-one. If you threw Kato, the Green Hornet, Tron, Harry Potter, Prince Caspian, Yogi Bear and Lemuel Gulliver into steel cage, oh royal-rumbling Comic Vine community… WHO WOULD COME OUT ALIVE?!??!

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sounds promising.

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Yogi bear. He's a freaking bear, that's how.

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Can't wait well i actually i can but still : ) and wow everything is in 3D these days

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Less 3D. Please, reality around me is slowly crumbling to all these 3D films!
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is it still gonna be with seth rogen though

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NO MORE 3D. some movies need this cleary doenst need it

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Okay. I liked how cheesey Journey to the Center of the Earth was about 3-D, but this is ridiculous. This seems to be an idea designed to stop me from seeing this movie. There's no point to The Green Hornet in 3-D, except to jack up the ticket price. Let me just go SAVE this title to my Netflix cue right now
Stop the madness!   

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Honestly, I'm a little bummed. I'm definitely not a fan of the 3D overload we will be getting because it seems like a lot of films will be in it just to be in it. I have to agree with AirDave817. As much as I want to see this I might just wait for the blu-ray. Seeing a movie in the theater just doesn't mean as much as it used to. Especially with all the gimmicks that studios are pulling (a la 3D).

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Proof that there is a God, and he loves fan boys. If Tron: Legacy had changed it's release date to next year, I would have been furious. GREEN HORNET BETTER NOT STEAL AWAY TRON'S 3-D THUNDER!!!!!! 
And to answer your question, Tron would be the one to come out alive. IT WAS ACTUALLY FILMED IN 3-D!!!!

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You always have the option to view it in regular 2D theaters.
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flip sake with the 3d, jus cause of avatar doesn't mean it will work with other films

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@crestfallen:  I know but some movies aren't meant to be on 3D like Step Up, some others.  For example: Friday the 13th Part III . I know its old but all of they are doing are not giving depth to the movies and are using it to make the pop outs thing like punch.  
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I agree, but I think the film industry found a differential for people to come back to cinemas to watch movies instead of renting them. First they did with the sound system, now with 3D technology.  
Of course it would not go to see Dances with Wolves in 3D (LOL), but I would see any science fiction movie with good special effects or movies based on comics. 
Anyway, The Green Hornet is not a character I like very much and would not go to see the film to the movies, and less if it stars Seth Rogen, ha, ha, ha.
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Its not the last harry potter.  the studio already announced that they were splitting the final book into two films.

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Alright good I was about to say because winter seasons or Christmas does not feel right when it comes to superhero flicks anyway right? Being 3D sounds weird for green hornet but whatever because I really want this to be good desperately. I am glad there actually  trying to keep it away from other hits, green hornet would of got his ass kicked badly. Thank you green hornet people. 

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It would end up as Harry Potter vs Kato at the end. I want Green Hornet and Kato to win, but Harry has the wand... so... yeah.

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who or what is the green hornet i didn´t heard about him ????

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seth rogan is playing the green hornet right? i hate him. i think ill pass.

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this will be awesome whether it is 3d or not

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I watched the trailer for the first time. I'll watch the movie, most likely on DVD, but I wish an actor I could take seriously was cast as the Green Hornet. 


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