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The Great Wyrm began life "a long, long time ago" as a dormant wyrmling in the ground where a priest decided to start building a church. When the foundation was being built, the digging woke the creature and over time it grew in size and strength by feeding on the dead who were buried in the church's cemetery. Eventually becoming large enough to devour the living, the priest now had to intervene and birthed a cockatrice which he brought to the wyrm's lair.

When the creature looked at the cockatrice, it immediately turned to the stone, the priest in his excitement would unintentionally look at the cockatrice as well and turn to stone, leaving the two enemies as stone figures in the land surrounding the long-abandoned church.

While Rapa and her newfound companion are eating in the creature's stone mouth for shelter, it begins shaking and they dash out from it just as it sheds its stone covering and returns to life. It begins chasing after the two girls and while they try to find safety in the church, it is no use and the creature tears through and destroys the church, grabbing Rapa with its mouth in the process and burrowing back deep into the ground.

In the chaos, the wyrm unwittingly destroys the other stone figure in the churchyard, that being of the priest who originally defeated him.

What spell awoke the wyrm has yet to be revealed.

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