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Batman and Robin encountered a costume clad bank robber who boasted that he had leg muscles powerful enough to match the leaping prowess of a grasshopper. He managed to elude the dynamic duo and then stole the Batmobile. Later, when Batman was presenting a Batarang for auction at a charity gala, the Grasshopper burst out of the podium attacking Batman and making off with the item. The master thief then managed to steal both the Batboat and Robin. It was at this point that Batman began to suspect that the Grashopper did not actual have super leaping abilities but was in fact two people. Batman tracked down the Grasshoppers, subdued them, rescued Robin and regained his possessions. As the duo returned home, they were contacted by the villainous Outsider, who revealed that the Grasshoppers were in his employ and that he would take away Batman's most prized possession, his life. The Outsider used a trio of Grasshoppers in a later scheme, but with their trick already revealed, the gang proved less effective against Batman and were easily defeated.

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