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  Remember all f the insane thoughts you had when Arnold was elected governor? The crazy images of him mowing down his political enemies with an arsenal of.. well, everything? The idea of him flexing his political muscles made many a giggle... and now, this comic makes us laugh out loud with the same concept!
 Writen by the same guy who brought us President Evil (which i have not read, but now probably will), this shameless mad cap inanity of an adventure manages to do something most titles of its genre cant: its actually FUNNY!
  This issue follows "the Governator" of "Kahlifornia" and his new intern as they combat a new and scary legislation that, if passed, would allow the Special Effects lobbyists to replace any job job in the U.S. with holographic workers!
  besides the hilarity that is The Governators speach impediment (spot on with the real Gov's), we get crazy action sequences, re-purposed lines from all your favorite  Schwarzenegger  films, and special appearances from "Sly Stallion" and "Chuck Morris" (hopefully you can guess who their parodies of) and the hilarity they speak.
 seriously, there is no level of LOL that would do this one justice. I had no intention of buying it when i picked it up off the shelf, but every page i opened to, and every line i read, screamed "SHADDUP AND BUY ME YOU IDIOT!"
  But dont take my word for it. i mean, you should, but go ahead and dont. and then feel stupid. Its your call.

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Posted by Yung ANcient One

i soo want this

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