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Issue #45 continues in THE GOON: ONE FOR THE ROAD.

The Goon tenth anniversary book is off to the printer, chock full of 32 pages of story, a pinups section by some of Eric's heroes, and a look at the earliest Goon material, from the development of the character up to his first appearances.

As some of you already know, Eric is throwing a gala celebration in Nashville on Friday, March 13, and I'd be there if it didn't fall on the same day as my kid's birthday. Damn kid. There's gonna be comics, and rollergirls, and all manner of Southern hostility, served up Goon style. There'll also be an announcement about the next thing you can expect from The Goon, in this year of relatively low, but increasingly bizarre, output from Eric.

I'm writing this immediately upon my return from New York Comic Con, the second biggest U.S. comics show, where the crew from Dark Horse hung out with Powell and Samantha for a few days in the freezing cold. At the show, someone gave Powell a little sculpture of his most notorious character Satan's Sodomy Baby. The DH legal team says I can't post the picture of the baby here, but this was a hell of a sculpture. Powell might put pictures up on his own site, but that'd be a bad idea for a guy living in Tennessee.

While at the show, Powell, Sierra, Sam, and I got to sit down and figure out some finishing touches to the designs for the new line of Goon trade paperbacks. This summer we'll be collecting The Return of Labrazio, the storyline from Goon Year, in three volumes. Amy Arendts, the designer on The Goon, as well as B.P.R.D., Rex Mundi, and dozens of other books from Dark Horse, has been diligently hammering at this new design for The Goon for weeks, so when I say we got to "figure out the finishing touches," what I mean is logging another batch of requests and directions for Amy to figure out. It might be too much to ask for the readers to get excited about the design of the trade paperback, but on Sunday night in Eric's hotel room, over pizza and SKYY vodka, we were alternately high-fiving each other and staring in desperation at the computer fearing we were dreaming an impossible dream.

Goon Volume 7: A Place of Heartache and Grief hits stores June 3, with the remaining two volumes of The Return of Labrazio following at two-month intervals. In the meantime, look for the anniversary issue of The Goon on March 4!

P.S. Read about Eric's thoughts on art in an interview conducted by 7-year-old grade schooler Mina Bella Kreiter. And if you're around, join us for the Goon's 10th Anniversary Party in Nashville, Tennessee. You can find out more about the party right here.

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