The Goon goes to mini-series format

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So it had been a long time since the last issue of The Goon but issue #44 was finally out on the 27th. It's been announced that the Goon is going to attempt to go into the mini-series format....

"So… after issue #44, The Goon will be switching to a mini-series format with one shots sprinkled in. Much like many of Dark Horse’s other titles.The first two miniseries to come out will actually tell one long, eight-issue story. OCCASION OF REVENGE BOOKS 1 & 2 will focus on a gang war between the Goon and the new invading clan of witches composed of what is left of the Zombie Priest’s race. If you’ve liked the more gritty and noirish episodes of the Goon, like Chintaown & the Mystery of Mr. Wicker, this will be right up your alley.I hope you’re as excited as I am about this next chapter of the Goon!" - Eric

He also said...

"It's a pretty big turning point in 'The Goon' storyline," Powell said. "I introduce a whole lot of new villains and stuff gets really violent from there."

I enjoy all the crazy and funny stuff in The Goon comics but I enjoy the darker noir parts better so this is definitely something I'm excited about and really looking forward too. Can't wait!

If anyone is unfamiliar with The Goon or if you just haven't seen it in a while check out the Trailer for The Goon movie that is suppose to be getting done (Successful on Kickstarter).

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