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The Goon was left by his parentsand taken in by his Aunt Kizzie. She took him into her way of life of being a part of the freak show and took him to the circus where he worked hard but felt loved for once. The famous criminal mobster Labrazio hid in the circus where The Goon worked while on the run from the police. Eventually it resulted in an old-fashioned shoot-out, with The Goon being the only survivor. Labrazio had gunned down his aunt, and even managed to call her a "stupid broad" for getting gunned down in the crossfire. The Goon turned into a raged child, picked up a rock and smashed Labrazio's skull in. With Labrazio dead, The Goon took Labrazio's cap and famed black book, with the names of every single person who owed Labrazio either a favor or money. The Goon set off upon looking for each person named in Labrazio's book, collecting the favour or money that was owed. The Goon told everybody he was Labrazio's right hand man.

The Goon now lives a life of fighting creatures of magical and demonic origin, with his trusted sidekick Franky who is the polar opposite of The Goon: Frankie being loud and argumentative and The Goon being a gentle giant. When not fighting various creatures, the two spend most of their time getting drunk in Norton's Pub.


The Goon was created by Eric Powell.

Character Evolution

The Goon

The Goon meets Franky while they were both still children. At that point Franky was a small, shy kid, resulting in him being severely bullied. The Goon just happens to come across Franky as he's being terrorized by some local punks, so the Goon steps in, ruffing up the bullies, knocking the eye out of one kids head and then punching it back in. Franky shows his appreciation by letting the Goon crash at his place. While walking the streets the boys come across the Zombie Priest while he is just arriving in town, the Goon hits him with a rock. Shortly after they come across a zombie and the Goon dispatches it while Franky cowers in terror. The Goon goes on to try and start collecting on the debts owed to Labrazio at a local barbershop and gets the boot. That night the Goon and Franky go to burn down the barbershop to send a message and run into one of the thugs who threw the Goon out. While attempting to make a getaway they they stumble across a building full of zombies. The zombies mutilate the thug and trap the boys. The goon battles the zombies while Franky freaks. Franky gets backed up in a corner by a zombie so he blindly swings an axe he found, killing the zombie and realizing he likes violence. The two manage to massacre the mob of zombies and hang up the remnants of the mutilated thug in the middle of town. From that point on the Goon is respected as Labrazio's collector and Franky hurts things.

Once the Goon has matured and taken over as the primary criminal element of the area, he meets Harley Labeau, who convinces the Goon to start a football team as a way to boost local morale. The team begins with the all star quarter back Art Moon (aka pretty boy)who proves himself by beaming Franky with a football. The Goon then recruits a group of local thugs as the teams starting lineup. The team gets funded by "Andolini's Fish Canary" and is thereby dubbed the "Fish Canners".

Once the Canners start winning games, the rival families the Calabresi and the Ferrera start taking notice and become convinced that it's all a racket run by Labrazio. Under these perceptions, the families bet against the Canners, assuming the Goon was going to throw the game to turn a profit. When the Canners continue their winning streak the opposing families become aggravated over their gambling losses and demand blood. Tommy Dantini shows up randomly at the Goons hang out and expresses his father's request to meet with the Goon. Tommy stays behind as Franky's hostage while the Goon goes to meet the Don of the Dantini family. The Don reveals that he knows that Labrazio is dead and that the other families are actively attempting to kill the Goon. When asked why the Goon killed Labrazio, the Goon responds that Labrazio was responsible for the death of the only person that ever gave a damn about the Goon. With the response the Don approves the demise of Labrazio and assures the Goon that there is nothing to fear from the Dantini family and warns the Goon that the other families will not be distracted from their assault against the Goon. Before the kick off of the championship game, the Calabresi family ambushes the Canners and gun down the entire team, killing Harley Labeau, Art Moon, Cecil Dewler, Arnie Cubbard, Willie Hinkle, Zeke Herbert, and Dick Boyd. The Goon never played football again. The Canners as a team never again had a successful season. After the public murder of the sports team responsible for the only source of pride the citizens had resulted in widespread rioting, resulting in the decimation of the Calabresi and Ferrera gangs on Lonely St. The corpses of both gains were soon raised as the undead by the Zombie Priest.

The Goon eventually meets with the Triad leader Xiang Yao who resides in Chinatown. Yao attempts to lay claim to local ports to which the Goon replies, "go screw". After the meeting, the Goon is visited by Isabella, the belly dancer who was the Goon's first love while he was working in the circus, and is now par of Yao's harem of woman servants. Isabella seduces the Goon and he confesses to her, "There's been no one else for me. Just you." at which point the two reestablish their relationship. Later, Isabella comes to the Goon asking for help, revealing that her index finger on her right hand had been cut off. The Goon then meets with Yao again to arrange the nullification of Isabella's debt to the Triads. Yao explains that Isabella is of no consequence to him but he enjoys the idea that her suffering will carry over to the Goon. The Goon then offers complete control of the ports to Yao in exchange for Isabella's freedom. Yao, laughing at the Goon's desperation, agrees to the terms and frees Isabella. The Goon immediately switches all of his attention to courting Isabella, leaving Franky to attempt maintaining control of all operations. Before too long, Franky confronts the Goon, explaining that he's killing himself trying to keep control due to lack of the Goon's presence. The Goon explains that he is done with the criminal life style, that he is in love with Isabella and that they are leaving to start over. Franky pleads with the Goon but he explains that Aunt Kizzie never wanted that life for him, that he has to leave and apologizes. Franky concedes and wanders through the pouring rain to the closest bar. The Goon goes on to exuberantly appeal to Isabella to move on and declare his love, after which Isabella rejects him and walks out. The Goon stares himself down in the mirror as he attempts to come to terms with the rejection and watches himself suffer a mental breakdown.

He's snapped out of his mental spiral by the sound of some hood peddling goods out on the streets. The Goon reclaims his dominance of the territory by bashing in the face of one of the peddlers with a lead pipe. He then goes on a rampage through Chinatown, resulting in him marching into Xiang Yao's lair weilding two triad blades. Upon confronting the triad leader, Yao reveals he is actually a dragon and takes on his true form, referring to himself as a god. Yao mutilates the Goon's face and scorches him with fire, finally coiling around the Goon as he moves in for the killing blow with his jaws. The Goon manages to grab a blade and cut off Yao's snout, causing Yao to release the Goon, allowing him to finish Yao by severing his head. The deceased dragon immediately burst into flames, encircling the Goon in a great conflagration. Franky, still disgruntled at the bar, here's about the Goon's homicidal rampage, and follows the trail of dead and finds the near death Goon. Later, Franky confronts Isabella as she's loading up her possessions into her new man's car. When Isabella's man tries to brush off Franky, he immediately pins the man's hand to his own car with a blade. Isabella explains that she doesn't need to explain herself to Franky, to which Franky responds that if he ever sees Isabella again, he will kill her. The story concludes with Isabella throwing away a letter she had written to the Goon, while Franky goes to the hospital to visit the Goon who's in a full body cast. Franky says that Isabella's gone and explains, "We're pal's, you got it? Dames come and go, but pals stick!". The Goon recovers with sever scarring on the left side of his face and spends his time at Norton's Pub with Franky. The Goon Keeps a picture of Isabella along with his picture of Aunt Kizzie from then on.

Major Story Arcs

Powers and Abilities

The Fish Canners Starting Lineup

Art "Pretty Boy" Moon - Quarterback / Cornerback / Kicker

Goon - Halfback / Linebacker

Ray "Bloody" Nabranski - Fullback / Linebacker

Buddy Brachalske - Tight End / Linebacker

Johnny "Brick Head" Davis - Wide Receiver / Cornerback

Woody McNagle - Wide Receiver / Safety

Freddy "the Fink" Finkle - Wide Reicever / Safety

Zeke "Potato Cake" Herbert - Center / Defensive Tackle

Cecil Dewler - Guard / Defensive End

Arnie Cubbard - Guard Defensive End

Dick Boyd - Tackle / Defensive Tackle

Willie Hinkle - Tackle / Defensive Tackle

Other Versions

The Goon & Hellboy

The Goon & Hellboy

The Goon has also teamed up with Hellboy in a crossover issue and appeared with Dethklok of Metalocalypse in an alternate reality. In one of the early comics the Goon also utilized a talking chainsaw named "Mickey Da Saw" to sever Fishy Pete's two remaining limbs.

Atomic Rage

The Goon comics also feature the Atomic Rage, a generic superhero who shows up in advertisement parodies, hawking various "medical breakthroughs" that endow normal people with superhuman abilities. The Atomic Rage is also inclined to address his consumer base with an excessively vulgar vocabulary.

A Christmas Carol

The Goon Series Features holiday specials, one of which is the re-enactment of "A Christmas Carol" by Charles Dickens featuring the characters of the Goon, and a story where Santa's elves wander into town and start eating children whose parents request for the Goon to save them.

Other Media

There is a YouTube 3D animation short and a 2D motion comic.

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