theacidskull's The Goon #41 review

But i could Have two....

I don't really Read many titles outside of Marvel, i don't even read DC that much, And some Image Comics at best, so when i started digging at other companies, one of the users here recommend the goon(Billy_batson), He did say that the series got goofy at times, and it does, but it can get pretty serious, and despite it's juvenile jokes, i can produce something as awesome as this.

The Art is always the same on this Series, and though it is cartoony, it is also gritty and in my opinion it fits the good quite well.

The story here is all about the Zombies priest and after being the main villain at the beginning, he became pathetic. But this issue shows him off and ties him in with whats been going on in such an interesting way that it makes it am zing. Despite there being some juvenile themes as mentioned above (NOTE: these gags aren't a bad thing, in fact they are executed well and role nicely with the story, and it's awesome, so it's not a downside to the book, in fact thats a definite advantage) , there are a lot of good moral themes here as well. For one thing, the concept of greed is somewhat taken to another level, and it shows that humans can be much worse than slack-jaws( Zombies).

The Zombies priest also goes through a lot of development , he delves into insanity far more deeply than before, he becomes important and dangerous again , which frankly is awesome.

In short, the goon has been an amazing series for me, and it provided me with a good opportunity to break away from marvel and DC, which is great.

Recommendation: Don't make Noodles sad...You'll get it when you read it.

Posted by Cyclops4President

interesting book. good review.

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