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 Her death was his beginning...

 Stricken with grief from the death of his girlfriend, Sith, Guy Salvatore struggles to make sense of his world. He’s plagued with hallucinations of monsters that torment him with outrageous requests. He’s unsure if these manifestations are real or are being invented by his own sickened mind.

Enter Satan: a strange old man who shares with Guy a story of two Gods who govern all of existence. According to Satan, the Gods allowed Sith to be removed from her world. Now she is floating aimlessly in and out of dimensional planes known as the “Dream Worlds.” Satan implores Guy to take action and call upon his latent power to break through his world’s plane, search out Sith, and take vengeance upon the vile Gods who caused this atrocity.

Satan’s story promises hope to Guy and raises the possibility of Sith still being alive. Yet, Guy’s doubts linger: Is Satan to be believed? Who are the Gods and why did they allow Sith to be taken? Who is to be trusted? And, ultimately, is Guy slowly going insane?

So, what’s a “Guy” to do?

Join Guy as he begins to unravel the truth, and learn what really happened to Sith – before it’s too late…

Mature Readers

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