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When Josh first became a criminal he could barely control his super power of becoming intangible, this lead to him being caught and sent to jail. There the gangs were prepared to fight over who got to control the super powered kid. Lucky for Josh Carmine came to his aid. He brought him into the "super-criminal community". Carmine trained him, introduced him around, even loaned him money for a proper costume. All he asked was for a couple of points later when Josh became big.

And big he got. Josh became The Ghost, the world's greatest cat burglar. Later he retired and became an architect always knowing at some point his past would come to haunt him.


The Ghost was created by Mark Millar and Leinil Francis Yu for their 4 issue series, Supercrooks.

Major Story Arcs


Josh is approached by Johnny Bolt and Carmine to help pull off a heist in Spain. At first Josh is reluctant but after Johnny reminds him of loyalty, he goes along. During the heist, Josh is instrumental, he is able to phase through the ground and sneaks into the control room and take out the guards with a pair of tranq guns. Josh is also there when the team takes on Praetoria, but like the rest he is able to little against the cape.

After the heist is successful, Josh used his share to snap Greece out of their financial woes by buying most of it.

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