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Brief History

As humanity's power and control over The Destiny Force began to grow, the Avengers Corps evolved into a corrupt and unstoppable world-conquering interstellar army. By the time of the 26th Century, The Terran Empire they helped construct has conquered nearly everyone from The Alpha Centaurians to The Shi'ar.
However, they were not faced without opposition, as the time-traveling Guardians of The Galaxy had traveled back from The 31st Century to liberate Humanity's hold over the Heavens. The Galactic Avenger Battalion once briefly fought a group of time-displaced Avengers before being brought into the final battle during The Destiny War as slaves to the will of The Time Keepers.
Most recently, The Galactic Avenger Battalion was seen trying to destroy The Guardians of The Galaxy in another universe while Earth-616's Guardians were being flung across The Multiverse through the darkest alternate futures imaginable.

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