monkeytoe's The Fury of Firestorm: The Nuclear Man #6 - An Aftermath of Rage review

Firestorm is Losing Heat

The start of this series was fast paced and exciting with the raid on the school and the accidental forming of two teenaged Firestorms. The action was good, the stakes were high, and you just weren't sure if Ronnie and Jason could put their differences aside and face the trials together. The last two issued have started to stall, however, and all the progress and character growth in the beginning seems lost again.

The Good

We see a softer side of Ronnie when he is unable to cope with the thousands who lost their lives at the stadium bombing.

The Bad

First of all, all of the character growth in the first few pages after a brief fight with Pozhar, who literally drops in and begins a hasty battle with Ronnie and Jason. His introduction on the scene is as he observes the two Firestorms from above, having assumed they helped the Qurac terrorist Firestorm with its destruction. THe question is, if he had observed the explosion, wouldn't he have observed the fight before hand? The fact that he learns of the boys innocence in the process and then decides to leave them be further confuses this plot device. Why didn't he know already? Once Pozhar decided to fly off, the two Firestorm's turn on each other... again... and start duking it out with Jason finally declaring at the end of the battle "No we're done," as if to say that they are done... being friends? I was under the impression they never were friends, so how are they 'done'? And why aren't they more angry at the secretive organization that deployed them in the first place?

I am trying to enjoy this title, but lately there have been more holes than twists and the plot is getting lost.

2/5 Stars

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