matkrenz's The Fury of Firestorm: The Nuclear Man #2 - Sound and Fury review

Would Alice Cooper be proud of this ?

Review for Firestorm #2.

The Story: Jason, Ronny and Tonya sit around and get explanations from Jason about all this crazyness. Also we see more of the villains.

The Good: I have no idea why but I like villains that are hopped up on drugs, maybe it's because it makes them dangerous or it lets the writers write crazy dialogue. The mystery of the Firestorm origin to be interesting, the hinting that it might be of mystical origin and not scientific. I think I really like Cinar's style when it's more painted than regular pencils.

The Bad: The arguing between Jason and Raymond really is not helping me like any of them. I would like if Cinar chose between regular pencils and painted, it clashes very easily. Also it took the planting of evidence to be way to convinient, this organisation is not the Pride.

The Verdict: This issue has lost so much steam from the first issue that doesn't make me want to come back for the next issue. Don't buy this.


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