the_mighty_monarch's The Fury of Firestorm: The Nuclear Man #19 - Problems Multiplied, Part Two review

Excessive Recycling, Part Two

It's weird, this cover IS the foldout done right, the reveal is something from early in the issue, but in a way it does it wrong from the other end. The shock is minimized by the obscurity of the villains. I thought most of them were new, but it turns out they're just picked randomly from the Pre-New 52 Firestorm's history. They ended up obscure because, well, they didn't do much outside of his old series as far as I know; I only know Plastique from JLU. In the New 52 they all have no context.

They're just randomly gathered together so they can, wait for it, sell Firestorm to the highest bidder SO SOMEONE ELSE CAN STEAL HIS POWERS. WOW. Like THAT hasn't been used for every single arc thus far. None of them, save Multiplex, has any personal connection to Firestorm at this point, it's just a weak attempt to make the final arc have a bigger scale, but it honestly only works for longtime Firestorm fans. And if they wanted the cover to be a surprise, they should've had MULTIPLEX there, because at that point he was the only one in the group we know, so his appearance on the foldout is no surprise.

So basically, this issue tries to be a big battle finale, but it lacks the context to have proper substance. The villain's motivations are simplistic and unoriginal for this series, and they hold no significance in the context of this series. They're just a random assortment of generic powers. Beast-creature, elemental, storm, ice, and explosions. It's a fairly cool battle, but the pacing is a little off when Firestorm gets plenty of moments to stop and think. And then Ronnie's back to being an idiot who doesn't listen to Jason just so Jason can prove his tactical abilities superior. You know, just like every other issue since Jurgens took over.

In Conclusion: 2/5

I'm probably being a little too harsh, the fight was pretty cool, but it just lacked any kind of substance. The tension was reduced a bit as Ronnie's mom managed to be able to stand around doing nothing, but safe out in the open A LOT, and as I said before, the villains just don't feel like they make any kind of impact.

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