pspin's The Fury of Firestorm: The Nuclear Man #15 - Takeover, Part Three review

Fury of Firestorm #15 Review

Fury of Firestorm #15 Review


Captain Atom fights Firestorm, who is under the control of Dr. Megala.

The Good:

The story was alright, it wasn’t super awesome but it wasn’t bad either. It was a fun adventure that was fairly light hearted and featured a lot of energy blasts and explosions.

Dan Jurgens wrote the issue and did a great job with the dialogue. It was very explanatory and got readers up to date with Captain Atom even if they had not read his series and kept it from being over barring. Jurgens also continues to do a good job giving Ronnie and Jason separate but similar personalities.

Jurgens and Ray McCarthy draw the issue and it looks great, the art really fits the story and helps it along.

The Bad:

There was something about the story that just didn’t grab me; maybe it was the rather heavy focus on Captain Atom or the villain, Dr. Megala, but there was something that stopped me from really getting into it and it fell kind of flat. It wasn’t bad, it just seemed a little boring. I think that part of it was that Captain Atom’s series has been cancelled so you knew at the end of it that there was no big consequence to it. It was a fun and rather light hearted (applying the term loosely) to be sure but there was no real pull and it was unfortunate.


A fun and well-drawn issue suffers from a story that falls a little flat in the end, there is a connection to Legion Lost that seems interesting but I thought that that series was cancelled. Maybe a fan of Legion Lost or Captain Atom will enjoy this issue more but as a reader only familiar with Firestorm, the issue was a little flat. It was simply very average.

3 out of 5

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