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All Roads Lead to Pohzar

Awww man, this cover isn't as good as the original solicited one. Part of it was that I liked the obviously unfinished coloring on the original version, but more than that it was the disappearance of Ronnie. He really brought the whole image together, the three of them stacked was a nice layout, but without Ronnie the cover's a little dull. Also, with the finished coloring, Raksashi's extra arms aren't too obvious. I keep forgetting they're there. The way the blue logo synchs with Raksashi's skin and contrasts with everything else IS really nice though.

Oh wait, no, looks like it's an embarrassing typo on the cover. She's actually Rakshasi. Editors at DC, ARE YOU DOING YOUR JOBS?

Ignoring that, this issue actually balances the development of both Jason and Ronnie pretty well. After a few issues of back and forth (a pacing I really liked) I guess it's kind of nice to see them both in one issue. Their stories are about to collide again, I guess they couldn't be apart forever, and this does seem to be the most natural path. Not that they haven't each been on their own wild unpredictable roller coaster ride.

Jason went completely nuts with his powers when he tried to merge with Firehawk, and now he wants answers from Professor Stein. His journey leads to a visible crossroads with Ronnie's story. Ronnie is in the midst of discovering just how many secrets Pohzar has. He was already a mysterious character, and some of the implications flew over my head, so I'm not totally sure how to feel about this notion. Ronnie's new evolutions are certainly an interesting subplot though.

In Conclusion: 3.5/5

This issue's actually pretty relaxed. The past few have been slamming us with big epic action, so it's nice to see things calm down for a bit. But Cinar's art seems a little simpler than usual, and big panels are still abused, and that really shortens this issue. But what we did get was mostly what I've come to expect from this series, though, actually, a little less. This one was a lot of setup, carrying on the plotlines of the past two issues. And Cinar's art wasn't as good as usual.

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