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You Can't Spell FUN Without Firestorm

Ever since this relaunch started I have constantly been surprised by how many books I was expecting to dislike or not care about that have turned out to be incredibly fun. And now you can add Firestorm to that list. I wasn't expecting it to be bad, just not something I was going to be interested in. But just like Hawkman, Wonder Woman, and so many other books, this one really put me on a ride that I enjoyed and wanted to go on again.

Now don't get me wrong, there were some things in this book I didn't really care for. Like in the beginning the pure hatred that Jason and Ronnie had for each other just seemed a tad too skripted, it didn't feel real or natural, it felt more like "well these two need to hate each other so just go with it." However that changed about halfway through the book when you see a nice scene of how the two of them have dinner with their parents to give some good character and background to them, and also I do like just how varied and different the two of them are, it looks to me like it will create for good interactions down the road now that the initial and awkward "hey we hate each other right?" stage is over.

Also the villains we see throughout this book start off as just your bland typical terrorist whose names you'll never remember, but I have to admit they do have some nice moments of evil professionalism to them. Not to mention one of them gets hinted at that they might be turning into a larger part of Firestorm's villain's gallery in the future.

So even though the book may not totally knock my socks off, once you see how strong these characters are and how two totally different characters sharing powers can be a great concept, it still made the book very enjoyable. The only other problem I have is that there is something of a deus ex machina in here in that Jason turns out to be a super genius with connections to famous scientist where later he was just a smart kid and an average high school student, however just like the rest of this book, I think it could be setting something great up later with this.

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