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By holding hostage a young woman named Irena, the magician known as Count Saint-Germain forces the Monster created by Victor Frankenstein to invade Castle Dracula. The sorcerer, who claims to be centuries old, desires the undead heart of the vampire to generate an elixir granting eternal life.

The Monster does violent battle with Count Dracula, but neither of these two strange life forms can slay the other.

Their supernatural combat is interrupted when St. Germain and French soldiers attack the vampire. After killing the troops, Dracula is at the mercy of St. Germain- when the Monster intervenes and kills the magician. The perhaps- immortal Monster has decided he has more in common with the ageless vampire than with mortal men.

Dracula pretends to befriend the Monster, whose journeys across Europe arouse in him a desire to see the far parts of the world one day. The Monster and Irena, for whom he feels a great tenderness, linger for a time at Castle Dracula.

One night, Mirka, Dracula's undead paramour, tries to seduce (or perhaps merely to drink the blood of) the Monster. When he spurns her, she taunts Dracula into killing Irena while she walks alone in the nearby forest.

When the monster encounters the now-vampiric Irena, he is forced to slay her to free her soul.

Realizing this is Dracula's handiwork, the Monster vows to make war on the Lord of Vampires...

This is the second issue of a three part series.

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