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Nothing is known of the petty criminal before he escaped prison by blow a bubble of sufficient strength to carry his weight and float over the prison walls. Succeeding, he took up the idea that he could succeed if the crimes seemed too foolish or too obvious. Crafted a dunce-capped costume for himself, he took the name the Fool and made his way to a radio program "Money For Nothing". The show offered charity money for worthless objects and the Fool learned that a priceless violin had inadvertently been thrown into the garbage and was scheduled to be offered. Stealing the seemingly worthless instrument, the Fool started a crime wave of stealing the bizarre. After his second theft of stealing a wooden carousel horse the Green Lantern followed the Fool to his hideout, where the hero was captured and placed in a dart laden death trap. After his escape, Green Lantern related his trials to a local Crime Club, a group of amateur sleuths. The Fool, caught up in the publicity of his own crime wave, impersonated the President of the club and inadvertently gave himself away during the re-telling. He was then returned to Gotham Prison.

The Fool was not long for prison however and soon escaped. Learning of a publicity campaign for Pop-Jacks candy (a candy treat with a prize inside) in which real diamonds were included, the Fool stole a number of candy boxes to cover the theft of the entire run of diamonds. He was found out by a reporter named Anne Martin who the fool captured. The Fool then captured the Green Lantern when he attempted to rescue her. The two however easily escaped. The Green lantern caught up with the Fool after he stole some beauty pageant jewelry, and was promptly returned to prison. On April Fool's Day, the Fool broke out of prison again. This time the eccentric criminal staged a series of odd thefts of hats. Following up on the theft of the expensive Duket Painting by the Lippy gang, the Fool was informed that the art work was cut into thirds and hidden in hats. The Fool's thefts of headwear covered his true goal of intercepting the painting from the Lippy Gang. He was foiled by Green Lantern who deduced his plan.

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