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The Fog was a costumed criminal who operated out of the town of Middleton during the 1940s. The Fog used a special compound in the form of coal, that when burned, created a fog that could make an individual drowsy and sluggish. He obtained this "fog coal" by extorting the owner of a local coal mine, Mr. Smythe. Using the fog coal, The Fog and his henchmen committed a series of armed robberies on factories in the area.

When the Defender and his partner Rusty, came to Middleton on shore leave in the guise of their secret identities they learned of the source of the mysterious fog, when The Fog, like all great super-villains, revealed it was him and his fog coal. Then The Fog attempted to get more fog coal from Mr. Smythe and when Smythe refused, The Fog killed him.

The Defender had all the fog coal confiscated after Mr. Smythe's death and without the source of his powers, the Fog became desperate. The Fog attacked the Defender head-on and would be defeated in battle where the Defender left him to drown.

Powers & Abilities

Rhinestone appears to have had some degree of high level intellect as he was a professor.

Weapons & Paraphernalia

As the Fog, Prof. Rhinestone used a special "fog coal" that when burned created a thick fog that caused those who inhaled it to become drowsy and sluggish. As the the Fog, Rhinestone wore a protective gas mask to remain immune from the fog coal's effects.

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