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Courageous Leader

Led by the courageous and passionate Maximum Ride, the Flock was a creation of genetic mutation. Raised in kennels until freed by a "white coat" named Jeb. They are a tight family who love each other a lot and would do anything for one another.

Max is definitely the mother of the group and self proclaimed reluctant leader. She is their strength and soul. Fang is the tough guy who will go to all extremes to look out for the others. Iggy, though blind, is the bomb expert and a brotherly figure to young Gasman. Nudge is the blabber mouth and the wiz kid when is comes to computers. Gazzy loves Iggy to no end as well as his actual blood relation, Angel. Angel is young and naive, but still an intense fighter like the rest of the flock. She was taken away in the first book, but soon after recovered by her family.

Iggy found his blood family but soon after returned to the Flock.

It has been determined that each other are the only ones to be trusted. Max has made that much clear. She will always look out for her Flock and vice versa. Everything they do, they do together, as a family. As one.

They all have wings and can fly, due to their experimentil past. But each of them is as different as a finger print. They all have their individual powers, including magnetism, invisibility, telepathy, vibration sensing, gas explosions and super-speed flight.

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