The Flash #24

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The Good

How do you defeat someone that can travel back in time? Barry Allen has had his hands full. Faced against someone with speed powers and he now finds himself in the past, trying to prevent yet another murder. To make things worse, this Reverse Flash also managed to syphon off Barry's powers leaving him a bit powerless.

As the final full issue for Francis Manapul and Brian Buccellato, it's hard to not think about what we could have had after this. The two will return next issue in the Zero Year issue but this is pretty much their big send off to Barry. We get a glorious final battle but of course, this isn't the end for Barry. Seeds are planted for what Barry will do next. We do get some closure and a look at how the survivors will carry on.

The Bad

Even though the Reverse Flash story feels like it's been going for a few issues (and with Villains Month making it feel longer), the final battle between the two feels like it ended suddenly (that's not a Flash/Speed Force joke). In some ways, Reverse Flash felt like a whiney spoiled brat. That's part of what we can walk away with, you don't let the bad things bring you down. You become stronger because of them.

Also, it's understandable that Barry might not comprehend the full extent of his powers but for him to say he's not sure how he managed to use the Speed Force to defeat his foe felt like something was missing.

Also, while completely understandable, it felt weird not having any mention or nod to Barry's decision to try to change time which lead to Flashpoint.

The Verdict

All good things must come to an end. Not only is this the end of the story arc but pretty much the end of Buccellato and Manapul's run on the series. We will see them back in the next issue but this is pretty much their farewell. We get some gorgeous art and colors and it's cool to see the aftermath with the characters dealing with everything. The battle itself between Barry and Reverse Flash felt a little rushed. Manapul and Buccellato do set up Barry's next mission and hopefully we'll see it addressed in future issues.

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I'm not a big Reverse Flash fan, but it's sad to see Manapul and Buccellato go. They did a great job on this series and I will be picking this issue up, if only just for that reason.

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A good 24 issues. I hope whomever takes over continues the same quality of work.

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@dernman: it's been more (for Brian) if you count the four Villains month issues, the zero issue and two annuals.

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@g_man: Yes that is true. Those were also of good quality.

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I enjoyed The Reverse Flash story line and I am sad to see it end. We have a Zero Year tie in next issue which I just can not bring my self to care about.

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I felt this issue was so...short. The content wasn't bad by any means but it wasn't even 20 pages!

It was wham, bam, thank you mam.

I was left wanting.

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Buc still has two more issues left--at least.

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I took the part where...

...Barry warned the Reverse Flash about the repercussions of time travel and how irresponsible/selfish he was being

was Booch and Manapul's way of poking fun of Barry's actions in Flashpoint.

Anyways, I loved this issue. I wasn't expecting a big throw-down because I read #23, and the last few pages were so well written that I could forgive how quick of a read this was. So yeah, it earned a 5/5 from me, but I can understand the 4/5 review.

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@fallschirmjager: I agree they were short. 4 out of the 5 books in this arc were under 20 pages. I still enjoyed the story though

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@mars8254: The content was great. It was just really quick lol.

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I look forward to these two on Detective.

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Has been my favorite new 52 book since launch...

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I've got a feeling that Flash is going to be taken off my pull list now.

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@simian said:

I've got a feeling that Flash is going to be taken off my pull list now.

Well that all depends on who is going to be replacing them. If the new writer and artist are good then I'll be reading on.

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The Flash was the first comic I bought when getting back into comics this year. I hope the new stories are great, because Flash is one of my very favourite characters and the art has been exceptional in this story arc.

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I completely agree with your second 'bad' statement. It felt like a cop out...

The wrap up was nice, not quite sure I get the point of the watch moving back an hour... did he really just make the watch move or did the world lose like an hour?

I'm thinking a new writer can freshen things up a bit. The art will be severely missed though and I'm not in the mood for picking up another Batman title since I already read Snyder's.

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This was a great ending to a simply fantastic story. Maybe a bit rushed, but I still loved it.

@simian said:

I've got a feeling that Flash is going to be taken off my pull list now.

Really? Why? I mean, Manapul and Booch still have one issue left, then there's a short fill-in, and then Booch is coming back for three issues, but we still don't know who's taking over. I liked their run, I really did, but I wouldn't consider it impossible to top.

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Looking forward to Manapul on Detective. I'm dropping this book not because I think it's going to be bad or anything but I've read this for te last two years and have my fill of The Flash for awhile. Hopefully it stays good but I can only have so many books on my pull list and I definitely want to start getting Detective again.

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