Flash #23.3 The Rogues

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The Good

The Rogues have their ups and downs as the continue to work together. Mirror Master is trapped in the mirror universe, and Glider's body is still in a coma. Can they work together as a team and will they work with the Crime Syndicate?

As far as villains books goes, this one works on multiple levels. A chunk of the issue parallels the first issue of FOREVER EVIL, as The Rogues enter Iron Heights, to break out Trickster, then head to Happy Harbor to see the Crime Syndicate speech, where villains from Iron Heights and Belle Reve stand in attendance. As far as the parallel storytelling goes, it's solid and nice to see what these guys are up to, but the real heart of the story is the battle to keep this group together. When you have a group this tight, there are going to be a few struggles and some bonds will be closer than others, and that can lead to some in-fighting, especially when one of the Rogues has a romantic relationship with another one, which happens to be the sister of Captain Cold. Writer Brian Buccellato does a great job at giving the reader a bit of everything here.

Artist Patrick Zircher and colorist Nick Filardi do a bang-up job here. The art here is a bit darker and grittier, which fits the Rogues and this story very well. Zircher's page set-ups. later in the issue are fantastic. He steps away from more traditional style layouts and has some panels that seem a bit more chaotic to match the chaos happening within the panels. He does a lot of great things with body language and facial expressions as well. Nick Filardi's colors work really well here and really fit the tone of the book and The Rogues. His colors give the feeling of doom and gloom. He uses a duller color palate which really goes well with the idea that these characters can never win.

This 3D cover is pure awesomeness. Francis Manapul and Brian Buccellato put together one of the cooler looking 3D covers. The art style is extremely cool. The focus on Captain Cold's fury of ice coming from his hand as a great starting point, as the reader's eye makes its way around the page. Plus, Captain Cold just looks so dang cool.

The Bad

No real problems with this issue. This issue turned out pretty dang awesome.

The Verdict

I'm a bit biased when it comes to the Rogues. They're one of my favorite teams in comics. While they may be villains, there's a great dynamic between these characters, as we've seen in the past. This issue spends a lot of time playing on this family dynamic in a fun way. While some of the redesigns aren't my cup of tea, Buccellato made me forget all about that by making these characters really feel like individuals. Zircher and Filardi are great here and do this team and book justice. This is one of the better Villains Month books so far. Overall, I highly recommend this issue.

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I didn't get it cuz my comic book shop was sold out of 3d covers by 1130

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I'm definitely getting this one.

Sorry, wallet....

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Sounds like I am getting this one.

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I really enjoy this .

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note to superior foes of Spiderman this is how you write a crime book. this is easily the top of my pile for this week, I honestly hope we get a rogues monthly title out of all this

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Such a good issue. I really, really love the Rogues. Can't wait to see what happens in Rogues Rebellion. Hopefully they will whoop Johnny Quick's @ss

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Only just finished it, fantastic issue!

I liked the Keystone Saloon scene with Heatwave passing out and destroying the jukebox. I loved the entire issue in fact!

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I really really really want a stand alone Rouge's book. Kind of like Superior Spider-Foes only...well....better XD I'd read it.

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@superbat420: That sucks! I haven't bought any 3D covers because I'm not really willing to pay $6 for one, maybe I'll cave and get one 3D cover, but, I digress. My comic shop has a 3D copy of every issue released still. Come to Kansas City!

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The Rogues need their own ongoing! If Spidey's C & D listers can be put together in a charming heist/team book then why not Captain Cold's crew?

At least they have a mini series coming out soon, gotta get all of the Rogue awesomeness I can.

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@g_money_christmas: where are they charging 6$ at? Your getting robbed, its 3.99 here but q per customer so I just go in once a day, but today I had my brother with me to help pick up an extra, was going to get this and black hand, because I refuse to buy a villian month issue if its not 3d sadly(sadly I missed reverse flash and lobo) but I went in to see black hand, he'l, cheetah, and rougues already sold out I literally went in 30 minutes after it opened it was real depressing but on the bright side it helped my wallet, on comixology they'll be 1.99 next week...

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I really can't wait for Rogue's Rebellion. It's going to be awesome

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I absolutely love the rogues

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If any DC villain (or villain group) should get an ongoing, if should be the Rogues!

Great issue.

I've been a little disappointed in the Villains Month titles, but the Flash has consistently the best villain issues!

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Greatr issue, now I'm pretty damn excited for Rogues Rebellion. Man, I wish DC gave the Rogues their own ongoing series!

Hopefully they will whoop Johnny Quick's @ss

Agreed! Just like when they killed Bart Allen and Inertia Pre-52 I feel that the Rogues need to defeat a speedster in order to gain better rep.

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I think if The Rogues got their own book written by Gail Simone ala Secret Six it would be pretty awesome.

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you see @inferiorego we agree on this comic all the way..

it is a 5 start comic all the way!

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Just got a hold of it, probably the best issue in villian month, the bond they have is excellent that's a team right there

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My major problem and sorry I don't know how to hide spoilers, but Johnny quick zooms by them and they just have a coin? Didn't make sense to me

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This is a sad sad sad month for my wallet.
I've already crossed my pull list.

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@superbat420: a bit of time had passed by, cold mentions meeting johnny quick and him giving them the coin during the prison break

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