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This Is All About Captain Boomerang 0

Hopefully you're not looking for any Barry Allen action here (or Francis Manapul). This is Captain Boomerang's story. Will it be enough to continue the awesome streak of this series?  The Good I had some doubts about this issue. We've all read stories about the bad guys. They've all done bad things but because Boomerang killed Tim Drake's father, he managed to raise himself to a new level of villainy. I can't even tell you how many stories I've seen with Captain Boomerang and the Rogues going up...

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What goes around comes around 0

The story: The Rogue Profile issues return as BRIGHTEST DAY zips on with a spotlight turned toward the resurrected Captain Boomerang! He knows why he's back and what he needs to do. But does he still have what it takes to be a Rogue?      Well first off I have to say that I have enjoyed every issue of this series thus far.  Most rank between a 4 and a 4.5   Geoff Johns and Francis Manapul are a perfect team for Barry Allen Flash.  However, this issue we have Scott Kolins joining for some Flash ...

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[Some Pun Involving the Word Boomerang] 0

The Good: I'm not sure how I felt about Captain Boomerang before now. He was certainly an interesting character in The Dastardly Death of the Rogues, and I never hated him, he just never fell in my radar. This might also be due to my minimal exposure to Flash before this series. Whatever the cause, Geoff Johns makes him interesting here. His current misadventures are interesting, but for most of the issue, the real meat is in his backstory, which is chopped up into perfectly sized large chunks, ...

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The Rogue Spotlights Come Back Around 0

Anyone who has read Geoff Johns' previous Flash run is familiar with Rogue Spotlight issues and knows how they can be some of the most interesting, stand-out issues. Now, we get Captain Boomerang's spotlight and Johns has not lost his touch, making this probably the strongest issue of his new Flash run so far.  Digger Harkness was left out of the Rogues when they hit it big thanks to Johns' first Flash run, and he was eventually killed and outright replaced by his son. It seems that Johns is now...

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Like a boomerang, he's back 0

  Throw the boomerang at her. One comic event that I can safely mention on handling itself as an interesting storyline focuses it’s attention on a cast of heroes and villains that aren’t the main three top dogs, which are Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman. Brightest Day caught me by surprise in many ways as it slowly starts to build into something serious for our selected cast of White Lanterns, and one of those catchy moments is George Harknesses involvement with Brightest Day. As he was brou...

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Birth of a Rogue 0

No Barry Allen, this is Captain Boomerang's show and does he ever earn the leading man role. Digger has questions and he intends to get answers from the one man who can answer them. But his drastic actions may put him at odds with his fraternity of fiends and have deadly, unforeseen consequences for The Flash. The Good There's a lot to like about this issue. For starters Scott Kolins artwork is a nice change of pace from Manapul. If Manapul was born to draw The Flash then Kolins was made to brin...

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What Comes Around... 0

Wow, not what I expected.  I was expecting another great Flash story and here I am, reading all about Captain Boomerang.  I must admit, I don't know much about this man called Digger.   Where did he come from?  What is he up to?This is an interesting issue to say the least.  It didn't take long into this issue that I realized that this was not going to be an issue about Flash.  It's the Digger issue to say the least.  He's up to something.  He's breaking into a prison, but we don't find out why ...

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Sometimes a change of pace is good. 0

I'm pretty new to the Flash. Heck, the dastardly death of the rogues arc was the first flash comic I've ever read, but i really liked this issue. A total change of pace, Barry isn't even in this issue but that's not even a bad thing. When I first picked the comic off the shelf I was a little hesitant; "A whole comic about Captain Boomerang? ....ehhhh" but I ended up enjoying the comic quite a bit. As I said, I'm new to the flash so it was cool to see Captain Boomerang's backstory. I just really ...

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"What goes around comes around" 0

The Flash issue 7 reunites writer Geoff Johns and artist Scott Kollins to take on a single issue starring captain Boomerang. The issue is titled "Rogue Profile: Captain Boomerang". The issue stars none other than Captain Boomerang breaking into Iron Hieghts looking for answers and he turns to the long time enemy of both The flash and the Rogues, Proffessor ZOOM! While doing this he is reflecting on his life thus revealing the orgin story of Captain Boomerang. Captian Bommerang breaks Proffessor ...

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Put a Little Captain in You... 0

I've praised Geoff Johns' and Francis Manapul's Flash series like there's no tomorrow.  I just can't get over how great its written and how beautiful the artwork is, and the way it takes the classic idea of good guy taking on bad guys and adding meaningful spins and updates to it.  With the opening salvo passed and Manapul leaving the series to Johns and new artist, Scott Kolins, can the Flash keep charging hard as one of the best series going?  The short answer... yes. Everything comes back to ...

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