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This trade collects the first appearance of many of the Flash's rogues,minus Reverse-Flash.Ill be going issue by issue for this review. 
The Coldest Man on Earth !: The first appearance of Captain Cold who was a simple criminal that took a gun to a Cyclotron machine,pushed a couple of buttons and his gun suddenly shoots ice.But it works since the Flash can't even run past a patch of ice that any Canadian could walk trough.The science is silly and the villain has no backstory. 
The Master of Mirrors !: The first appearance of the first Mirror Master who was a criminal in jail that worked in the mirror factory in there (doubt that actually exists) and after dropping some chemicals on a mirror and it captured the appearance of the factory head.The science doesn't make sense but I will assume MM powers make sense now. 
Menace of the Super-Gorilla !: The first appearance of Gorilla Grodd,Solovar and the Gorilla City.One of Barry's friends plays a gorilla in a play but at each performance he gets knocked out an it seems that it was Grodd was playing him.The Flash was actually out run by Grodd's vehicule.He finds Solovar hiding out in a zoo,so Barry takes him to Gorilla City to stop Grodd. 
The Pied Piper of Peril !: The Pied Piper controls gangsters to rob for him and the Flash stops him.Hartley isn't given a backstory and I doubt that his flute can make holes in the ground and waves but since he is the Pied Piper the whole mind control I can buy. 
The Challenge of the Weather Wizard !: The first appearance of the Weather Wizard and he was being taken to the state prison for murdering a cop but he escapes and goes to his brothers lab but finds him dead and finds his life's work,a Weather Wand that he wanted to help the world with but Mark uses it to get revenge against the cops that arrested him.Im sounding like a broken record but the science for the Weather Wand isn't explained well. 
Danger in the Air !: The first appearance of the first Trickster who was a fan of Jesse James and didn't care about working in the circus with his parents,so during his life he events different inventions in his bag of tricks to commit his crimes,like his air walking shoes wich he uses to rob a plane.Oddly Falsh doesn't capture Trickster when he was a villain but when he is working at the circus.Also I call bullsh*t on the air walking shoes. 
Here Comes Captain Boomerang !: The First appearance of Captain Boomerang who wasn't Australian and was hired by a boomerang company to advertise it since he is a master of it and decides to use this opportunity to rob some banks.Harknes doesn't really have any personnality and he isn't Australian. 
Beware the Atomic Grenade !: The first appearance of Top who as a boy was fascinated by tops and when he was an adult he learned that when he spins really fast he doesn't barf but becomes smarter and wnats to get millions of dollars by threatining people with an Atomic Bomb that will blow up half the Earth.I would like to point out to people that the Earth's crust is incredible hard and it would take trillions of the worlds most powerful missiles to blow up a part of the Earth ....... a little.Also how the hell did Top get to Africa so fast ? 
The Heat is on ..... for Captain Cold !: The first appearance of Heat Wave who did work at a cicus but then he got bored of it and became a villain in order to win the heart of a singer named Dream Girl,also Cap Cold escapes from prison for Dream Girl and the Flash wants to find her because she might be the lost daughter of a dead diamond miner who if she doesn't get to his lawyer that has his last will and testament it will all go away. 
The Gaunlet of Super-Villains !: The first official team up of all the Rogues (minus Weather Wizard).All of the Rogues have escaped from prison wich was easy and meet up at a tailor for supervillains (yeah you read this right) and decide to steal some jewels together and to stop the Flash if he comes to stop them.And then we learn that it was Grodd that let them escape and the way he escaped from Gorilla City is that he switches minds with a gorilla from the Central City Zoo. 
The art is solid and never falters but sometimes the backgrounds have nothing in them.Also there is a lot of goofy science fiction but it's the Silver Age so I can accept it.Also each of these issues have a subplot with Iris THAT IS THE EXACT SAME THING EACH TIME.She always makes coments that Barry is slow and he always finds excuses as to why he came in late.But it was before any comic book writer wrote comic characters like with some realism. 
The Verdict: This is a very fun trade that shows how each Rogue was first introduced and if your a Flash fan or at least a Rogue's fan you can read this just to see how much they changed over the years.This is a buy.


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