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Tony Daniel (TEEN TITANS) brings "Full Throttle" into the endgame stage! The dark force behind the Rogues' full frontal assault is revealed —and this issue's shocker ending will change the Flash forever!

In the police office, Bart Allen sheds his civilian identity and becomes The Flash in front of his superiors and friends. He doesn't have the time to stick around for their questions. In half a millisecond, Flash has made his way to the Getty Center where he Rogues are waiting behind a force field. On the way there he notices a black figure following him but he doesn't stop. He's fine as long as whoever it is doesn't get in his way.

Inside the Getty Center, the Rogues wait impatiently for Flash. Some even question if he'll show, but Inertia reminds them that he's from the future so he already knows that Flash will show.

Flash is on his way but he can't go throw the force field and he knows it. There's another way through, but it involves phasing through solid rock, something only a few people can do. Flash reveals that he knows everything that's going to happen thanks to his grandmother. She told him because she believed Flash could change the future.

In the Getty, Abra Kadabra questions Inertia on the machine he plans to use to stop time. Kadabra, being from the 64th century (while Inertia is only from the 30th), can tell that the machine won't do what Inertia claims it will. Inertia realizes he's busted and has Kadabra come take a walk with him.

Meanwhile, at the airport, Valerie Perez, Flash's girlfriend is about to leave town. She's telling herself that because of who Bart Allen is, a relationship is impossible. Before she gets to far, Iris Allen uses her future technology to materialize in front of her. She wants Valerie to help her stop something terrible from happening.

Back in the Getty, Inertia is beating on Abra Kadabra in super speed. He says that he expected Kadabra to be dumb and not notice what he was doing, that he was using the Rogues as base. Now that he had figured it out though, he had to get rid of him. Before he can, Flash arrives. As he starts fighting Inertia, the rest of the Rogues blow through a wall and attack. Flash has to put forth a little effort, but he's able to fight them all at once.

Outside the Getty (but still in the force field), Iris and Valerie appear and take a look at Inertia's device. The machine was actually built to steal the Speed Force from Flash, not stop time. Valerie doesn't know how to dismantle the machine, but she does discover that it's already started working.

While fighting all of his Rogues together, and traveling at 350 miles per hour, Flash loses the Speed Force. He trips, skids, rolls and bounces for a while before stopping. The Rogues gather around him, thinking that time has stopped for everyone but them, but flying helicopters tell them otherwise. They all get made and swear against Inertia. While they're all distracted, Flash looks up from his position on the ground and see the Black Flash, the grim reaper of speedsters, standing over him.

At the machine, Valerie tells Iris that the Speed Force is now in the machine, but that's only the beginning of the problems. The Speed Force had grown bigger in the machine, and if Inertia tried to put the energy into him as was his plan, he'd overload and explode with the force of 10 atomic bombs.

As this horrible new sinks in, the Rogues close in on a powerless Flash...

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