englentine's The Flash: The Fastest Man Alive #1 - Lightning In A Bottle, Part One: Flashback review

Moving faster than the speed of smell

 This issue tells us that Jay Garrick is the only Flash left. The speed force is gone, and Bart Allen is now powerless. There is absolutely no point of conflict in this issue. There are one or two action scenes but mostly this is a set up issue.Now for some reason Bart has a secret identity that requires him to hang out with one of those people you only see in movies, or read about in bad books. You know the ones, the kind that has this permenant sneer on their face.  They make you wonder why the lead character is hanging around with them at all. 
   Now the big problem with the book is that they have Bart walking around acting really morose. This in turn makes the audience feel morose. Depressing your audience is not a great way of  starting off a book. It changes a usually exciting character into a big whiner.  
  The irony here is that they made him physically more mature, but emotionally less mature. Making an other wise passable book less than average. 


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