unjustkitty's The Flash: The Dastardly Death of the Rogues #1 - TPB review

A very fun, and beautiful, book

This is the first Flash comic I ever read and i enjoyed it. The biggest selling point for me is Francis Manapuls wonderful art and while it was a thoroughly enjoyable comic i wouldn't recommend it for a new reader. A lot is going on and it is easy to get confused and mixed up in what's going on (maybe read Geoff Johns Rebirth first). As said earlier, this is a very fun book to read even though it can get kinda silly in whats going on. But if you are a fan of The Flash and/or The Rogues you will enjoy yourself.


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    When I started reading comics, Wally West was the Flash.  Some fans of my era see Geoff Johns' as changing the DCU so he can write the characters he knows and loves instead of the mantle holders that were around when he started off at DC.  With a lot of new fans coming into comics, it is nice that Johns is making comics accessible again.  His work on Green Lantern will sure to bring in more comic readers after the 2011 movie.  The Flash under his control is the same thing, it is bringing it new ...

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