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Running Late Indeed

I'm usually not a stickler for comics coming out on time. More often than not the end product is worth it. I think Flash: Rebirth #6 is worth it but there are a bunch of complicating factors. Flash is in a pivotal character in Blackest Night and therefore has been in comics for 5 months already before his Rebirth arch finished. There has been some talk about it getting delayed so the ending wouldn't spoil Blackest Night: Flash #3 or DC just wanted to comics to come out around the same time. I really don't know for sure what happened but then start the series later. The wait time killed a lot of the momentum this comic had. When I read the solicits I thought I had the last issue of Flash: Rebirth already. That's just bad news.
 Like I said before the book is really pretty good. This series wasn't really designed for me. It relies on deep knowledge of the Speed Force which I do not have. It also doesn't include the Rogues which are my favorite part of the Flash. Despite this Flash: Rebirth #6 goes deep into the character of Barry Allen and works to make him current. The art will kick your *ss.
Overall a good comic that suffered from me not remembering where the series started. I can say right now that the new Flash series will be great.


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