el_bread's The Flash: Rebirth #6 - Fastest Man Alive review

The Flash reaches the Finish Line in "Rebirth"

 At this point I could almost literally just write, "its Geoff Johns" and give the book at least 4 stars, but that wouldn't be a very good review.  We've reached he finale of the Silver Age Flash, Barry Allen's triumphant return and follow him in his race against (and through) time to stop arch nemisis, Eobard Thawne from taking the life of his beloved Iris.  It is made clear that Thawne's motivation is purely driven by the need to make Allen's life miserable.  He has already killed Allen's mother by now, and The Flash won't allow him to do any more damage.  With help from a few friends, particularly the third Flash, Wally West, the good guys win as expected, so what really made this comic work for me was getting inside Barry's mind.  It was refreshing to see Johns give some insight into Allen's motivations and show him trying to get back to as close to normal as possible.  Reminding himself that sometimes its important to be the man first, the superhero second. Its the kind of thing I typically applaud Ed Brubaker for doing. Johns also takes the time out to give a little peak ahead to upcoming storys with a few panels featuring members of the Flash's Rogues Gallery.  This was a satisfying way to close out this mini series and I look forward to more Flash stories.  This one is definitely worth a read.

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