ssdblackninja's The Flash: Rebirth #1 - Lightning Strikes Twice review

"Dont Call it a comeback"

I'm a Big fan off the various Flash and i was devastated when Barry died and my friend 1 day came to me telling me he was making a comeback i was ecstatic but the wait was unnerving so for some weeks i waited and finally it was in my hands, When i closed it i flipped back to the front and re-read it , after finishing my third round i began to feel my patience thinning, waiting for the second issue.

The opening scene had an ominous feel to it, the slow walking point of view, reading the thoughts of what seemed to be the confessions of a madman, the chemical spill hinted at an old enemy. it was nice to get an in depth look at Barry's past. and then the end that left me hanging just wanting a few more pages, Couldn't wait for the next issue


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