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Nobody's Non-Video Review of The Flash: Rebirth #1

So when I heard about this title months ago, I put it on my pull list as soon as I could. I will be honest with you, I haven't read many titles with Barry in them. He was long dead before I started reading comic books, so a chance to read up on one of the greats was exciting.

So as for the story, Barry is back. People want to throw parties and parades for him and such. Yada yada. Nothing to exciting, a bunch of talk about how great he was, etc. Hal Jordan finds Barry at the Flash Museum and they have a conversation. In the end Barry runs off telling him that he can't attend any of the parties. While running Barry has a Flash back about his mothers death. Suddenly the villian Savitar jumps out from Barry's body and tries to run off. Barry reaches out and grabs him, and when he does it cause Savitar to age rapidly to dust. This also cause others around the world connected to the Speed Force to feel some sort of pain.

Over all I personally thought it was a good issue. I mean, not the best title I have ever read but it looks like it will lead into a good series. Now for the comic highlights:

  • Villains from the Flash Rogues Gallery seem to be gathering to discuss Barry's Return.
  • Gorrilla City was outraged by his return
  • Most heroes including JSA and Titans are excited about Barry's return and wanted to throw him a parties.
  • Bart Allen almost seemed angry about Barry's return.
  • Barry told Hal that he doesn't have time to stop, because he is on "borrowed" time.
  • Savitar told Barry that he was only the beginning as he start to decay.

So as I said, I haven't really read many stories with Barry so I didn't notice this. But they show during a flashback, that Barry's mother was killed by his father. The reasons are unknown(maybe he was framed). But from what I understand, both Barry's parents lived long lives and even outlived the moment he got trapped in the Speed Force. So I can understand how for older fans of the character will be upset by this change. But if you are new to Barry, like me, you will not even notice this and enjoy the title.

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