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Pick of the week!

When I first heard Van Sciver dropped off of Blackest Night, I was pissed. then I heard he was doing this book, and I was excited once more. If you love the Flash mantle, you'll love this book. If you don't know too much about the Flash, or you're not sure about him, you'll love this book. Most readers today aren't entirely too familiar with Barry Allen. Or as I call him, CSI: Barry Allen. This issue is a lot more about Barry dealing with being back and being a part from the Speed Force more than anything. It also has a lot to do with how the other Flashes accept him, or how they don't accept him in the case of newly returned Bart Allen. Sure, there are some other things going on in this book such as the return of lesser known rogue Salvitar, but the main focus is on all the Flashes. For me, the two best parts of this issue were Jay's story about how Barry made him want to be the Flash again, and Barry & Hal reuniting at the Flash Museum. Obviously, this book is extremely well written, so far it may become my favorite Johns piece and Van Sciver's art is amazing as always.

Whether you only read DC, Marvel, or anything else. Whether you love or hate the Flash, pick this book up, it was great.


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