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Wally West discusses his father's revelation with his therapist in Manhattan when suddenly a rotund man known as Chunk robs the diamond exchange across the street. The Flash speeds to the rescue, but Chunk has some tricks the speedster might not be prepared for!

When Wally starts seeing a therapist due to Tina they talk about his problems with his father.He tells him his father was a manhunter.A terrified women comes in screaming.She informs them a man is raiding the jewelry store. Wally speeds out and dons his attire before anybody sees. He finds an enormous man with a gun pointing it at the manager. He Flash rushes over to the man referred to as Chunk. After engaging the man Flash wakes up after being knocked unconscious. He charges into the hall and Chink has vanished. Flash decides to go home. He’s disappointed. When he reaches his destination he finds police at his home. His mom has cooked dinner and she has gotten into a fight with Tina. Next, Chunk robs another bank and disappears again. Just a big flash and he’s gone. Another robbery by Chunk and Wally gets there faster than the speed of light. When he gets there he gets into a dispute with Chunk. Wally starts the brawl off. After a few minutes Chunk shows him how he keeps disappearing. And soon after Wally’s gone too.

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