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Wally finds out everything about the so called Barry Allen, but what will Wally do about it?

Wally West has proven that Professor Zoom is the fake Barry Allen, but the Zoom that faces Wally now is not the same man that killed Iris. Eobard reveals that he is from the future and that he saw Barry as a hero and even had surgery to look like Barry and stole the Cosmic Treadmill. He then gave himself super speed and came the the 20th century to meet Barry Allen. But something went wrong and he arrived years after Barry's death. He went to the Flash Museum where he learned that he was going to become the man that killed Iris and was going to be killed by Barry. Eobard went crazy and thought that he was Barry Allen. When he remembered who he was he deduced the only way to survive was to stay in the present and become Barry Allen.

Eobard is about to kill Wally when Max Mercury, Johnny Quick and Hal Jordan arrive and force Eobard to run away. They take Wally to the hospital where Jay Garrick is laid up. Then they see on the news that Eobard is attacking Linda and Wally rushes off to save her. This time beats Wally up and forces him to chase after. But Wally has a plan and tricks Eobard into thinking that he used the treadmill to kill Eobard as a baby.

Eobard uses the treadmill to stop Wally but is launched into the future with no memory of where he was and Wally reveals he just hid.

Epilogue: The book The Life of Barry Allen was written by Iris Allen three years later.

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