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Jay Garrick, Max Mercury and Johnny Quick team up to try and bring down the man who claims to be a returned-from-the-grave Barry Allen, but whose recent behavior has proved that's a lie! "The Return of Barry Allen" part 4.

Wally West is still reeling from the fact that Barry Allen is back from the dead and that his former idle left him for dead in a Combine deathtrap. And now Wally learns that Barry is battling Hal Jordan, and destroying the Flash Museum. Wally isn't sure what to do but luckily Jay Garrick formed his own team to stop Barry.

While Barry is trying to kill some of Central City's citizens, Jay, Johnny Quick and Max Mercury save the day. Barry throws a handful of gravel at Johnny injuring him and hits Max with an I-beam while he is trying to save a construction worker. Barry then causes a helicopter to fall on Jay while he is trying to save the crew.

Meanwhile, Wally walks the streets and finds himself in the alley that Barry found himself in when he returned from the dead. there is finds a book that has Iris's name in and learns the secret of the Barry Allen impostor.

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