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Barry Allen and Wally West team up to take down the Combine but Wally still remains skeptical that Barry is the real thing. Featuring the re-introduction of another old-school speedster--Max Mercury! "The Return of Barry Allen" part 3.

Wally West is still reeling from the idea that Barry Allen is back from the dead and that Barry wants to be the one and only Flash. Wally is still not sure what that means for him and Central City. While trying to figure out what to do, Wally gets a letter from his friend the Pied Piper informing him that the Combine, the latest super gang in Central City, have there headquarters in Broome Building, 26th floor.

Wally quickly finds Barry and the pair of Flashes rush to the building where they find a scale model of the city and a member of the Combine. He tells them that the Combine will Central city and the first step is to get rid of the speedsters. When Barry blindly attacks him he triggers a force field that traps the heroes. Barry can't vibrate through it and it begins to shrink around them.

Wally uses his quick thinking to help Barry vibrate through but, Barry leaves Wally trapped. After Barry just leaves Wally to die, Wally tries a new trick and gets out too. When Wally gets home he hears Barry on the news tell all of Central City that the Flash is dead.

Meanwhile, Jay is putting together a team of Speedsters, that include Max Mercury and Johnny Quick, for some mysterious life or death mission.

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