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The Fastest Men Alive and three generations of Flashes--Wally West, Barry Allen, and Jay Garrick--team up to take down some high-tech punks, but when the normally levelheaded Barry loses his temper, Wally becomes even more skeptical of his return. "The Return of Barry Allen" part 2."

Wally West and Jay Garrick are trying to stop a train heist by The Combine, a gang hired by the new mysterious crime boss of Central City. It looks like the two Flashes have it under control but one on the gang derails the train and Jay and Wally have to try and save the bystanders in the way. Then Barry Allen shows up to stop the train before it hits PS114, then takes all the credit.

Wally feels okay with this and later tells Linda, that he is thinking of moving to Midway City or change his name, but they are interrupted by police Chief Hotchkiss and Jay calling to tell him the C.C.P.D. found the Combine's hideout. Wally leaves Linda to find Barry and meet up with Jay at the hideout. He finds Barry wondering the streets, and after a quick talk the three speedsters head to the hideout.

At the hideout the Flashes try to figure out how to handle the situation when the Combine attacks them. Jay get taken out by a ray gun and Wally gets buried under a collapsed wall, to which one of the gang yells "I killed the Flash". Upon hearing this Barry goes crazy and almost kills the man but Wally, who was just shaken, has to stop him.

When he stops Barry he is shocked to hear that Barry was angrynot because Wally could be dead but because he feels he is the only Flash.

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