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The Flash is on the Speed Demon's trail, but first he must ensure the safety of Tina McGee. Time to call in his friends in the Teen Titans!

After what happend before, Flash wen't to the oil rig and found Tina alive. They wen't back and Tina had to go and rest.Since Speed Demon (Tina's husband, Frank Mcgee) knew were their house was and was still alive they decided to go to the Titans tower and hide out their. Beast Boy and Starfire came to pick them up at a near hotel. When there Flash had to look up where Speed Demon would go next using the Titans computer. Tina told him that he would be going after the scientist that tried to put him a mental institute and also locked him out. Flash made his way in their easy, found the doctor and waited for Speed Demon.The power wen't out for a little while.Then he came. After engaging the Flash and he beat Speed Demon they called an ambulance. When they reached the docter, he said that Mcgee's chances of survival were slim. Then he said there was only one person who could save him though and he was in the Soviet. Tina wanted him to go so badly.That was Flash's next visit.

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