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"Burning A Speedster At Both Ends!"

The Green Lantern, Tomar Re, having culled parts from a pick-up truck and a tractor, has built a crude rocket ship. Tomar Re has been tasked, by the Guardians of the Universe, to deliver an urgent message to the Flash. Police forensics scientist, Barry Allen, proposes marriage to his beautiful neighbor, Fiona Webb. Allan's proposal is accepted. Tomar Re arrives in Central City, only to be ambushed by Professor Zoom, the notorious Reverse Flash.

After rendering Tomar Re unconscious, Professor Zoom rebuilds the rocket ship, at super-human speed, making it space worthy. Professor Zoom launches Tomar Re into space. Allen informs his parents, and police captain, Darryl Frye, of his coming nuptials. While canoeing down the river, Allen and Webb are attacked by master assassin, Sabre-Tooth. Allen capsizes their boat, to protect them from falling debris, from a collapsing bridge.

Allen, as the Flash, gets Webb to shore, and to safety. Allen receives an urgent summons from Dexter Myles, the curator of the Flash Museum. Myles, though, has been replaced by Sabre-Tooth. Unbeknownst to Sabre-Tooth, Professor Zoom is watching him, from the shadows. Tomar Re is rescued by fellow Green Lantern, Medphyll. Sabre-Tooth rigs one of Captain Boomerang's old deathtraps, to slay Allen. Professor Zoom reveals himself.

Reserving the privilege of slaying Allen for himself, Professor Zoom takes down Sabre-Tooth. Allen arrives at the Flash Museum, to find Myles on the floor, recovering from unconsciousness. Suspended above Myles, bound and unconscious, is a woman. Not the true Sabre-Tooth, at all, but, in truth, his protege. Allen finds a note, left for him, by Professor Zoom.

"Ye Who Enter Here"

The Creeper arrives at the Kraken Institute, just as a horrific creature comes crashing out through the window. Inside, four more vicious creatures are battling amongst themselves. Hal Kraken, the brother of the administrator, sends his giant bodyguard, Ligget, in to restore order. Crime boss, Wesley Winterborn III, is dying, and demands to be rushed to the Kraken Institute. The Creeper interrogates a nurse.

During his interrogation, she undergoes a monstrous transformation, becoming one of the vicious creatures. The Creeper is quick to subdue her, then sequester himself in the shadows, narrowly avoiding being seen by Ligget. Kraken speaks with his brother, Kris, the administrator of the Kraken Institute. Ligget prepares to ambush the Creeper.

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