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"The Killer Who Wiped Central City Clean!"

Police forensics scientist, Barry Allen, has breakfast with his beautiful neighbor, Fiona Webb. Senator Creed Phillips' butler, Harold, discovers the Eradicator's costume, laying on Phillips' bed. To protect his secret identity, Phillips disintegrates his butler. Captain Invincible leaps upon the hood of a getaway car. The car abruptly stops, hurling Captain Invincible to the pavement. Before he can strike the ground, Captain Invincible is saved by the Flash. In the time it takes the Flash to disable the getaway car, and turn the crooks over to the authorities, Captain Invincible makes his escape from the crime scene.

The Flash, as Allen, analyzes a voice recording he made of the Eradicator, in their last encounter. During a television interview, Phillips becomes agitated by the line of questioning, and storms out, dragging Webb behind him. When a security guard tries to intervene, Phillips disintegrates him, publicly revealing himself to be the Eradicator. Upon hearing the news of Webb's abduction, police captain, Darryl Frye, dons his Captain Invincible costume. Allen, also joins the manhunt, as the Flash. Hiding in a cave on the outskirts of Central City, Webb soon comes to the realization that Phillips is suffering from a split personality, and had no knowledge that he, himself, was the Eradicator.

When a bear threatens the couple, Phillips disintegrates it. The Flash begins his search for Phillips, and Webb, at Phillips' apartment. Unbeknownst to the Flash, Phillips had planted an explosive device, in his apartment, in an attempt to destroy his murderous alter-ego. Said explosive device is triggered, instead, by the Flash. The Flash vibrates his molecules into intangibility, but the blast wave still renders him unconscious, and partially fused with the wall. Captain Invincible discovers the Flash's predicament, and renders aid. Captain Invincible shatters the wall the Flash is trapped in, but overestimates the necessary force, sending them both plummeting to the street, far down below.

New Hopes, New Fears.

The Creeper intervenes in a mob shake down. The Creeper swiftly takes down two of the the three thugs, but his eerie presence causes their victim to suffer a heart attack. In the time it takes for the Creeper to get the man medical attention, the third thug, Tom "Thumbs" Tamblin, has escaped. The Creeper, as former television personality, Jack Ryder, meets up with Wendy Fargo. Ryder and Fargo journey to Boston, where Ryder interviews for a job at Fargo's station. The owner of the station, H.J. Harrigan, takes Ryder on, as a roving investigative reporter.

Ryder's first assignment is to get the story on Tamblin, who has recently also moved to Boston. Tamblin meets his new employer, Wesley Winterborn III. Tamblin's new boss tasks him with courier work, while also assisting with "collections". In Gotham City, Police Commissioner, James Gordon, puts out an all points bulletin for Tamblin's arrest. The Creeper, again, intervenes in a mob shake down. The Creeper is about to break Tamblin's arm, when one of the other gunsels mows the Creeper down, with an automatic weapon. The Creeper is thrown back through a window, falling into Boston Harbor, where he floats, seemingly lifeless.

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