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3-Way Fight For The Super-Simian!

A psychic entity possesses a homeless man, transforming him into a being calling itself "Psykon"! Traveling to Gorilla City, Psykon lays waste to their defenses, but his true quarry has escaped. Police forensics scientist, Barry Allen, has a dinner date with his beautiful neighbor, Fiona Webb. A sudden blackout, in Central City, prompts Allen to investigate, as the Flash. The Flash races for the sole source of illumination in Central City.

He soon comes upon an epic psychic battle, fought between his old nemesis, Grodd, the Super-Gorilla, and Psykon. After saving the surrounding police officers from harm, the Flash puts a stop to the conflict. Psykon reveals himself to be William Dawson. Years ago, in an escape attempt from Gorilla City, Grodd ingested a poison capsule, killing his body, but setting his mind free. Grodd used his psychic abilities to possess Dawson's body, forcibly ejecting Dawson's psyche into the void.

With his force of mind power, Grodd reshaped Dawson's body into Grodd's. Dawson's mind became one with the universe. During Grodd's last gambit, Grodd had cause to revert his body back to Dawson's true form. This momentary transformation rekindled Dawson's interest in his lost humanity. Dawson's psyche returned to Earth to reclaim his body from Grodd. When the Flash intervenes on Grodd's behalf, Psykon mentally compels the Flash to run, faster and faster.

Psykon and Grodd resume their psychic duel for Dawson's body. On the verge of death from exhaustion, the Flash gambles on accelerating even faster, literally outracing Psykon's psychic compulsion. The Flash returns to the fray, and immediately attacks Psykon. Despite the Flash's best efforts, Psykon is seemingly unbeatable. Psykon's superiority prompts Grodd to swap consciousnesses with Psykon. Grodd's mental powers, however, prove incapable of maintaining Psykon's highly evolved state.

Psykon's body reverts to that of the homeless man Psykon had initially possessed. Grodd continues to fight back, but Psykon has the upper hand. Psykon regresses Grodd's intellect to that of the homeless man Grodd's mind inhabits. With the last of his psychic power, Psykon returns Grodd's body to that of Dawson. The Flash reveals that he had been working with Psykon all along, to return him to his proper body. Dawson resumes his life as a human being. The amnesiac Grodd begs for change among Central City's homeless population.

Crimson Testament

The renegade Lord Of Order, Ynar, has revealed his alliance with the Lord of Chaos, Vandaemeon. Doctor Fate reflects on the events leading up to this moment. In a desperate attempt to overcome his foes, Doctor Fate merges Inza Nelson's consciousness with his own. The union of Kent and Inza Nelson with the Lord of Order, Nabu, allows Doctor Fate to forge mystic shackles, chaining Ynar and Vandaemeon together forever. With his foes in bondage, Doctor Fate casts them out of the mortal realm. With the removal of the Helmet of Fate, Kent and Inza Nelson are freed from their union within Doctor Fate. Having shared consciousness, both have a deeper understanding of their relationship, and the problems that threaten to tear them apart.

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