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Captives Of The Boom-Boom-Boomerang!

W.W. Wiggins holds a company meeting at the Wiggins Toy Corporation. Wiggins informs the staff that Colonel Computron is either connected to one of the employees, or may, in fact, be an employee. The Flash expresses his unease with Wiggins' reveal. As soon as the Flash departs, Wiggins is abducted by Captain Boomerang, who has forged an alliance with Colonel Computron. The Flash, as police forensic scientist, Barry Allen is accosted by his beautiful neighbor, Fiona Webb. News of Allen's "date" with movie star, Daphne Dean, has reached Webb, and she's not happy about it. Allen overhears a radio report about a giant boomerang, and immediately goes to investigate it, as the Flash. Captain Boomerang pops out of a hatch to reveal his presence.

The Flash charges up the boomerang, leaving himself open to attack from Colonel Computron. The Flash is hit with a tranquilizer dart, as the boomerang begins to violently vibrate. Just as Captain Boomerang is about to escape the boomerang, Colonel Computron betrays him, and knocks him, forcefully, back through the hatch. The boomerang is launched through time, into the distant past, where it lands on an 18th century pirate ship. Realizing that the Flash is his only hope for returning to his proper era, Captain Boomerang protects the Flash's unconscious body, from the pirates. Ultimately, Captain Boomerang is overwhelmed. The pirates hoist the bodies of Captain Boomerang, and the Flash, over the side, and prepare to bleed them to attract sharks.

Captain Boomerang revives the Flash with a miniature electro-boomerang. The Flash vibrates their molecules into intangibility, allowing the pirates' gunfire to pass harmlessly through them. After taking out the pirates, the Flash uses his super-human speed to relaunch the boomerang, back to present day. Colonel Computron forces Wiggins to play a video game. Should Wiggins lose, he will be electrocuted. The Flash rescues Wiggins, while Captain Boomerang engages Colonel Computron in combat. Colonel Computron flees. Captain Boomerang also attempts to escape, but the Flash stops him. Dinner at the Nurblin home, finds the three family members conversing, innocuously, over the day's events, all the while suspecting one another of being Colonel Computron.

"Rogue Gods"

Doctor Fate has been cast into the "Nihil-Verse", a hallucinatory, nightmarish dimension. Doctor Fate shatters his mystic bonds, landing on a strange world, that proves to be almost entirely illusory. It is here that Doctor Fate is attacked by Vandaemeon, a Lord Of Chaos. Inza Nelson has dinner with Vern Copeland, the Curator of the Boston Museum of Natural History. Doctor Fate fights a pitched mystical battle against Vandaemeon. Branding Vandaemeon with the symbol of the Lords of Order buys Doctor Fate time to escape. Vandaemeon though, is not so easily defeated. Doctor Fate never makes it out of Vandaemeon's realm. Nelson accepts Copeland's amorous advances, ending their date in a passionate embrace.

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